Our Little Miracle 

Here are the words we have waited so long to share WE ARE PREGNANT!! And better still…. Our baby was conceived naturally! 

On May 11th I felt like I was pre menstrual, it had been 28 days since my surgery and so I figured my period was coming. I felt shitty and laid on the couch feeling sorry for myself. 

My last period was on 22nd March 2016, I assumed a partial D&C done in surgery on day 24 of my cycle (April 14th) was the reason I didn’t get a period that month… Never in a million years did I suspect that I was pregnant! I had sore boobs for weeks , again I put it down to hormones post op. 

So when at 9:30pm on Wednesday May 11th my period still hadn’t come, I decided to do a home pregnancy test, don’t ask me why, I didn’t think I was pregnant but something deep inside me told me to test. 

I sat the test on the bathroom counter and decided to jump in the shower, as I was about to hop in, I glanced at the test and nearly fainted when I saw 2 strong lines! 😳 I looked at myself in the mirror, cried and just said “How?” 

• Literally 6 days earlier my gynaecologist had delivered the news that conceiving would be almost impossible – I blogged about it!, Mother’s Day was spent feeling sorry for myself wondering if I would ever be a mother… This prompted a very heartfelt discussion between Adam and I. After deep thought and conversation we agreed to give IVF 3 more goes, and if that didn’t work… We were done trying. We would rather be happy just the two of us forever than bankrupt ourselves pursuing a dream that may never come true. •

As I stood in the bathroom crying, I called Adam at work “Hi honey, so you know how I thought my period was due today… Well it’s not and I’m pregnant!” His response “Yeah Right! Send me proof!” 😂😂 he didn’t believe me – I didn’t believe it! When I sent him a photo he was shocked, called me to tell me to keep calm and that he would be home soon. 

I tested again, two perfect lines appeared on the test yet again, one thing was for sure… I was pregnant! 

I called my mum crying, she was more shocked than I was I think. Hearing her tell my StepDad was hilarious! 

The next call I made was to my Gyno! I had him paged at 10pm , I didn’t know what to do! He advised me to get bloods done first thing in the morning and get a dating scan. I was told to start Megafol (High Dosage Folic Acid), call Monash IVF and start Nick Lolatgis’ protocols immediately. he congratulated me and said to be in touch once I have results.

Adam got home from work a short time later and inspected the tests intently. I wish I recorded his face! 
We drove to the pharmacy a few suburbs away (still shaking and in a complete state of shock) that is open until midnight and bought the digital pregnancy test to determine how far along I was. When I did the test and it showed Pregnant 3 Weeks + I was even more shocked as that meant that I was pregnant when I had my surgery! 

Those Perfect Lines
We hugged and we cried and we hugged and we cried. We just laid in bed in silence with the biggest smiles on our faces. 

I think we slept 3 hours that night, we woke up early and went to my GP to get bloods done, I also got a referal for a dating scan. We did the scan that afternoon.  The lady who scanned me advised that i was already 6weeks5days pregnant ! My baby has a beautiful strong heartbeat and I am due 31st December 2016! Happy New Year! 

Ohh the tears we shed in that room! No words can truly describe the feeling, that moment we shared. When the lady left the room we gave each other the biggest bear hug and kiss. We are finally gonna be parents! And we did this all on our own! 

our first scan 6w5d

I called my gyno’s office and told him the news. I was then booked to see him the following week. I’m still in absolute shock at this point. I feel like we are dreaming! How can this be?

That night we went to see Adam’s parents to break the news, months ago I had wine labels made on Etsy – we were finally able to use them! We placed the wine on the bench and let them read it –  their reaction “You did it!” Followed by tears – lots of tears! 

Telling the Nonni to be
We asked Adam’s brother to come over after work and gave him  bottle too – his face was shocked! Probably similar to ours the night before. I love that I captured this photo of them. The boys are really twinning here with their matching tops ( and beards) haha 

Twinning it!
After speaking with Nick Lolatgis’ nursesOn Thursday 12th May,I was told to come in Friday 13th May to start my first Intralipids treatment , the nurses would have my scripts ready for all the meds I would need to start taking as a precaution to keep Bubs safe given my recent biopsy and blood results. 

Precaution Meds to ensure bubs stays safe
My daily routine would involve 6 tablets (2 steroids, 1 baby aspirin, 1 Megafol, 2 vitamin D & Calcium tablets) , 1  blood thinning injection and 2 pessaries. Until I am  13 weeks. 

On top if that, until week 15 I will need Intralipids IV fortnightly- it’s a soy/fat emulsion that is run into my veins via IV for 2 hours. I don’t fully understand the reason for it but from my understanding it is good for me and for Bubs and therefore I do it. 

8 Weeks 3 Days – heartbeat of 157 bpm
We had another scan at 8weeks3days for peace of mind, Bubs is growing perfect and heart beat is strong! Our hearts are so full! 

Saturday 14th May, week 7 – Morning Sickness begins – I never thought I would be so excited to vomit! I’m thankful that mostly its first thing in the morning and then I am fine for the day. I have had some nausea throughout the day occasionally but it’s such a good sign that I embraced it all! 

Boobs are still ohh so sore! And huge! 

My medications are giving me insomnia, that is the only part that I am hating as I work late and when it catches up with me, I’m truly exhausted. 

I’ll sleep 2-3 hours a night for 3 nights straight then sleep for 15 hours solid the next night. Again, all worth it ! 

We got referal for Percept/Harmony Scan and bloods from Stan (Obstetrician) 

And on Wednesday 8th June at approx 10:50am we heard the sweetest music of our lives. Our babies beating heart! 😍

The Sonographer congratulated us on a very strong and healthy looking baby. We made our 12 week scan appointment for Monday 20th June (Today – 12weeks2days)  

Our closest friends and supporters knew within a few days of us knowing. 

10Weeks 4Days – our little love

It’s so surreal to write this post, I have waited so long to be able to share with you all, I have had some incredible support along my journey. Women have opened up to me about their experiences and I am so grateful as you have all kept me going! 

I hope that our positive news gives hope to couples who are going through a struggle in trying to conceive, or have been given news by doctors that may have caused them to lose faith. 

We are proof that anything is possible! We have overcome 99% abnormal sperm, NK Cells, DQ Alpha Gene Match, MTHFR Gene, Endometriosis and managed to conceive naturally! Despite being told it couldn’t happen! 

Never Ever Give Up! It’s not an easy road but I can confirm that it is a road worth travelling! 

*I wrote this post when I was 11 weeks pregnant. Today ( day we are  sharing)  I am 12w2days, we now know that we are expecting a baby girl. Her due date is still showing as 31/12/16 and she is just perfect! We love her so much already and safe to say she will be her daddy’s little girl *

Our Little Miracle