From Infertile to Two under Two!

If you told me 3 years ago that I would have 2 Children in under 2 years I would have said “BULLSHIT!”

Yet, here we are!

On Thursday 28th September 2017 we got those 2 beautiful lines show up.

I’m Pregnant!

As you all know, conceiving Alessia was quite a journey. But we got our girl, and now we are getting another.

Tomorrow I will be 12 Weeks Pregnant with Daughter Number 2! That’s right, it’s a Girl! And she is perfect.

I’m not sure if it was our relaxed approach to having another baby that made it so easy or the fact that my body has worked out what to do, but either way I’m not complaining.

Our dream of Two under 2 is a reality and we are so excited to share that come June 2018 Alessia will have a baby sister.

Baby Number 2 was conceived in our Third Month of trying. From our 6 week check up post delivery with Alessia our first question to Dr Sgroi was “when can we try again”, Dr Joe said ideally there would be an 18 Month age gap between bubs however as we had difficulties conceiving Alessia he was happy for us to start trying when she was 6 Months Old.

We decided that in Bali we would stop all precautions and just see what happens. We had destroyed our embryos months prior and had the mentality that if it didn’t happen naturally again then it was ok, we were blessed with Alessia and if she was it then we were lucky.

Of course we wanted to give her a sibling but I never wanted to go back down the IVF path and we didn’t know if it would or could happen again.

The morning of 28th September 2017, my period was 9 days late…. I had an inkling but the month before it had been 7 days late and I ended up getting my period and a negative test so I didn’t get my hopes up.

As soon as I finished testing Adam took the test off me and I went back to bed to lay down for cuddles with Alessia. Adam said the positive result showed almost immediately, he knew for a minute or so before he showed me and I love that he had a moment whereby he knew we were having a baby and he got to be the one to tell me. Usually it’s the other way around and it was such a special moment that I’ll never forget.

I’ve since had a few scans and bloods done, bubs is perfect and we have our 12 week scan booked for when we are 13w1d.

Our percept results came back low risk and we found out that it’s a girl. We were happy with either gender but we are so excited that we will have 2 girls especially so close in age! Alessia will have just turned 17 Months when her sister arrives.

It’s going to be a very busy time in our lives but we certainly aren’t the first to have 2 under 2 and knowing that they will always have each other and hopefully be the best of friends makes us so excited.

Adam has said he will definitely need a man cave in our next home as in 15/16 years we are going to have two teenage girls in our house and if they’re anything like me he will need an escape during “that time of the month” 😂

I’ll continue to share our pregnancy journey with you all over the coming months. This one is flying by

I’m trying to be super organised but my gosh it’s hard with an almost 1 year old, planning a first birthday, Christmas, looking at building a new family home, preparing for the arrival of a new baby girl in 6 Months time but somehow it all works out.

Our days are filled with cuddles, naps, swimming lessons, Walks, story time, wiggles and lots of washing.

I promised myself that I would fill in Alessia’s baby book each month, so far I have kept that promise, I am also now filling in a pregnancy journal each week. I have just ordered a beautiful matching baby book for the new baby but they now stock them in pink! So of course I got her a pink one.

If you’re after beautiful keepsake journals. Check out @writetome on instagram. You won’t be disappointed!

Until next time x

From Infertile to Two under Two!

A Tough Decision 

Today we have made a big decision, one that we have had to think long and hard about….. 

We have decided to destroy our embryos that are in storage with Melbourne IVF. We agree that we don’t want to endure the psychological stress of IVF again when we have been blessed with a spontaneous pregnancy which resulted in our gorgeous daughter Alessia. 

This may mean that Alessia is an only child, we may be blessed with more children. But whatever happens from this point is out of our control, and we are ok with that. 

We will never truly ‘try’ for another baby. We will stop all forms of contraception in a few months (in consultation with my Ob/Gyn) and then whatever is meant to be will be…. 

I am looking forward to saying goodbye to IVF and closing that chapter of our lives. 

The experience proved the strength we have as individuals and as a couple. It bought us closer together and created a bond that I am forever thankful for. 

We have been blessed with a little miracle who we absolutely treasure. 

If any of our embryos had ever taken we would be more inclined to hold onto them and maybe even use them in future. But something in my heart tells me to let them go, that I won’t need them. 

It’s like they already served their purpose in helping me grow as a woman, thickening my skin and preparing me to become the mother that I am today. 

I’ll never forget my IVF experience and will one day sit Alessia down and tell her about what we went through in our quest to become parents. 

I know so many women who are trying so hard to fulfill their baby dream, they’re in my thoughts every day as I know that road, I remember it well. But know that there is light at the end and it is well worth the journey. 

We got lucky and defied the doctors, proving my body knew what to do after all….. it just took a little longer than expected. 

I never thought I would be asking Melbourne IVF to destroy embryos that I fought so hard for, but here we are. 

Donating our embryos was never an option for us, We couldn’t live our lives knowing there was a child/children that were ours in the world that we didn’t have in our lives. I take my hat off to those couples who make that selfless decision to help others. 

I actually feel like a huge weight has been lifted, it was a tough decision but surprisingly easy. There is no turning back once we make this choice, so it was a decision that we needed to make sure we were sure of. As I look into my daughters eyes, I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life. 

If this is it, then we are blessed. 

Our hearts are so full and our daughter is the light of our lives. 

Here are some happy snaps from our Nephews Baptism yesterday. 

I’ll aim to post an Alessia update soon. 

I have been meaning to for weeks but…. #MumLife haha 

Until next Time x 

A Tough Decision 

2 Weeks of Motherhood 

I cannot believe that our baby girl is 2 weeks old already! 

Parenthood is hard work but so worth it. Never in my life have I been so exhausted yet so happy to be awake every 3-4 hours. I’m not gonna lie, there have been moments when I am so tired that I just want to cry, and there are times when I could be sound asleep but choose to just sit and stare at her. 

Alessia is a good sleeper but she does have her moments, I actually think she has a bit of silent reflux and will be speaking to the maternal health nurse tomorrow about it. She has started to vomit a bit after a feed occasionally and then gets hiccups and seems squirmish. 

We seem to be in a “eat, shit, sleep & repeat” routine at the moment, it’s working well and I’ve been able to have a 90 min nap when needed in the afternoon if it’s been a rough night. 

Christmas has come and gone, it’s now a new year. 2016 – you were amazing, but I’m so excited for what 2017 holds for us. There will be so many milestones this year.

Alessia was spoilt for Christmas by both us and Santa – adding lots of wonderful toys and keepsakes to her collection 

I’m excited for Alessia to be measured and weighed tomorrow by the health nurse to see her progress. I can tell that she has gained weight as her clothes are fitting her better and she just feels heavier. As she is exclusively breastfed I was worried that she wasn’t getting enough milk but after expressing a very full (and sore) right breast yesterday and producing almost 100ml in 15 mins I am at ease knowing that my supply is exactly what my baby girl needs. We are getting lots of wet and dirty nappies which is a great sign. 

I have been eating the Pinky’s “Boobie Bikkies” which have kept my milk supply up. They’re actually delicious and work so well. After a few hours of eating them my boobs are very full! 

We had tried to add a “top up” feed of formula at night to get her used to a bottle in case I need to leave her for a feed. She doesn’t quite understand the bottle though and ends up wearing more than she consumes. I will wait until she is a little older to re-introduce the bottle, but eventually will mix feed – whether formula or just expressed milk. 

Alessia loves the pram and the car, both will make her sleepy. She tends to do a 4 hour stint after a car ride, or a walk in the pram. 

We have experienced a poo explosion and a soaked onesie due to wee leaking from her nappy. This is why the nappy bag is stocked with lots of changes of clothes and wraps etc. it was straight in the bath for Miss Alessia after both of her little “Accidents” , thankfully she loves the bath.

Alessia was 6 pound 9 ounces (3.16kg) at birth and size 0000 were big on her. We have since purchased some 00000 (Tiny Baby) onesies from Target which fit her perfectly – they have a gorgeous little range and very affordable at $8-$10 each, they wash up well and are great quality.

I have recovered very well from my c-section , I felt good starting the morning after delivery and was up early and showered with my hair and (light) make up done. By day 3 I started to wear my SRC Recovery Shorts which have been amazing! I feel like everything is held in place and I feel supported in the tummy area. I probably could have gone down a size in them but may even get the next size down and continue to wear them for more than the 6-8 week recommended period.

I’m currently 14 days post partum and have lost 10.1kg since delivery. Considering I only gained 6.8kg in pregnancy that makes me 3.3kg lighter than before I fell pregnant 🎉. Yay for weightloss, definitely a perk of breastfeeding. It’s nice to be back in my old clothes already and not have to go out and buy a new wardrobe. 

I haven’t started exercising yet beyond walking around shopping centres and a light walk with family on Christmas Eve with Alessia in the pram. I am looking forward to getting moving and enjoying some much needed sunshine.

Adam is home for another 4 weeks which I am very grateful for, having him home for the first 6 weeks will make a big difference and allow him to form a beautiful bond with his baby girl. He is a very hands on dad, he loves cuddles, bath time and helping with nappy changes. He has been cooking dinners, tidying up and helping with the cleaning around the house. A huge help! So grateful for this beautiful man. Seeing him love Alessia absolutely melts my heart, it’s so beautiful to watch him with her. He is always able to calm her down when we are changing her (she hates being naked).

On Friday 30th December we had to take Alessia to get a blood test, as I have Hashimoto’s Disease the paediatrician ordered bloods to test Alessia’s thyroid as it is a hereditary condition. Thankfully it all came back normal, it is something that we will continue to monitor over the years. The blood test (heel prick) had Alessia screaming! She was so hysterical that I started to cry seeing my baby girl so upset. Definitely not something that I want to repeat anytime soon. 

I still can’t believe that our baby girl is 2 weeks old, at this rate she will be starting school soon lol. Part of me wants her to stay this little forever, the other part of me can’t wait to watch her grow. 

I have started filling in her Baby Journal, I bought it before I fell pregnant, such a gorgeous keepsake. It captures all of her milestones with photos as well as information about the year she was born such as the price of bread and milk and the top song and movie etc. we have also created photo albums for her with printed photos as well as polaroids that we are taking of everyone’s first cuddles with her. I feel like we live in a world where we no longer print photos, I love looking at the albums of me as a baby and I hope Alessia does one day too. 

I am still trying to find the time to sit down and write about our delivery experience as well as our thoughts on Epworth Freemasons, I will try to get it done later this week hopefully. 

I will also try and do a brief update each month which will include Alessia’s sleeping patterns, weight, length, size of clothes, milestones etc 

This blog post is probably all over the shop as I am writing it whilst cuddling Alessia between bum changes and her lunchtime feed. She is currently sound asleep nestled into my chest all rugged up. She give wonderful cuddles.

We have booked tickets to go to Bali with Alessia in July 2017 for a fortnight. Soooooo excited for a little family holiday. We love Bali and can’t wait to visit our favourite places with our favourite little girl. 

The last two weeks have been the best weeks of my life. Loving spending time with my husband and our baby girl, learning lots and just enjoying each other. 

We are no longer just a couple, we are a family. A family that we hope to one day be able to extend but if we can’t then it doesn’t matter as we got our miracle baby and that’s all that matters. We are blessed to have Alessia, she is the baby we honestly thought we might never get. 

More blogs to come either later this week or next week – being mum is my number one priority so I will get them up asap. 

Apologies for this blog being so chop and change. Because I kept stopping and starting I kind of forgot what I was writing about so just changed the subject lol. Can I still blame baby brain? 

Until Next Time x 

2 Weeks of Motherhood 

No Complaints

As we near the pointy end of pregnancy and things get harder (walking, breathing,getting out of bed, wiping myself- just to name a few) I am trying to stay positive and not complain about the pains and struggles. 

Even when my hips are aching and I have been awake half the night with heartburn I am reminded that I only have a few weeks left. Adam put things into perspective for me when I struggled to walk from the car park to pathology today for my weekly bloods when he said “babe, this may be our only baby, we have been so blessed to fall pregnant with her, please try and enjoy it. I know you’re in pain but it’s almost over.” 

And it is the truth, we overcome so many hurdles to get here and are so lucky to have conceived naturally. I don’t want to spend the last few weeks complaining as this is what we have been waiting for. In early pregnancy when I started vomiting Adam would laugh at me every morning! And I loved that he did, it would make me laugh and remind me just how lucky we are. 

I’m not gonna lie, as much as I have loved being pregnant – I have copped my share of shit weeks. I projectile vomited every morning for 25 weeks straight, I have had hives that covered my body and heartburn that is so intense I cannot even describe! But I haven’t “whinged”, I have embraced it, as it means there is a strong and healthy life growing inside of me. 

Today’s bump selfie

Soon enough my morning sickness will be nothing but a distant memory, something that I will remember when I reflect through my pregnancy journal. Quickeze will no longer be my bestie and I will eventually be able to sleep on my tummy again 🙌🏼. 

Before falling pregnant I would hear/read about pregnant women complaining that they’re sore and tired and “over it” and part of me wanted to rip their hair out and say “there are women (like me) who would love to be in your position, you have no idea how lucky you are!” It is because I know of so many still struggling that I want to keep positive, embrace the aches and pains as they’re all part of it. 

And should I not be able to conceive another baby I will be able to look back on this time with a smile, knowing that I enjoyed pregnancy and reflect on just how lucky I am to have experienced it. Never taking it for granted.

Our struggles have opened our eyes to so much, and blogging about our journey has meant that so many women have contacted me to share their secret struggles. And it’s for these women that I don’t want to complain, not even to my husband or my mum. Because they’re the ones who would do anything to be in my position. I know what it’s like to be on the other side praying and wishing. 

To all the expectant mummas reading this – next time you post that you’re not coping in the heat, or have to sit through a 2 hour glucose test – remember the women spending their days hiding their pain as they struggle to conceive. You never know who is reading… Please be grateful for your fertility. It truly is something that so many take for granted. 

Sending love and strength to all the parents in waiting, I know it’s hard to keep up the fight but believe me when I say it’s all worth it – don’t give up! Miracles definitely do happen – our baby girl is proof of that. 

My next blog post will likely be announcing the arrival of our daughter, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all of the love and support that you have provided to us over the last 2.5 years. It’s positive vibes and love that kept us going. 

So until her grand arrival we are going to enjoy our last few weeks as a couple, embracing every moment. 

Much Love x 

No Complaints

Hello Home Stretch 

150 Days…. that’s how many days I have vomited – straight! 

This morning we celebrated by it coming out my nose a little bit too – woot woot! 

I’m not complaining, it’s reassuring that our baby girl is growing and my hormones are remaining high. I’m fortunate that it’s only first thing when I get out of bed. I projectile vomit the water I consume – roughly 1L everyday then I’m good to go. 

With a little over 10 weeks to go I’ve accepted that I’m going to suffer morning sickness until the end. So with 150 days down and 70 or so to go… I’m over 2/3 of the way there – YEAH! 

This post is a bit of an update but also to share the changes I have experienced in the first two trimesters. 

So far….. 

• Morning Sickness 

• Stretch Marks – don’t even care! They’re a reminder that my body created a life. 

• Sore/Cracked Nipples – OUCH! I have since been using a nipple cream and it has helped significantly 

• Sore Groin – mainly late at night and eases after a good rest. 

• Constipation 😩 

• Hair & Nails growing like crazy!!! (mainly on my legs) haha 

• Dry Skin – mainly on my hands 

• Thirsty – All Day! I drink 2-3L of water everyday 

• Must Clean Everything! Nesting has definitely begun… I have days where I just want to clean everything and generally do but then bubs reminds me that I need to calm down and it’s generally followed by a 2-3 Hour nap haha 

• Snoring!!! OMG it’s so bad that I wake myself up. (I sleep on my side) – Poor Hubby 

Yesterday, (10/10/16) we had our 28 weeks scan. It was supposed to be a 3D scan but bubs didn’t want to co-operate at all! She is facing backwards and refused to turn. Which meant we got a nice look at her bum and long legs but that’s about it. We are booked for a 4D scan on Monday 17/10/16 and hoping she has turned around by then. 

28 Weeks Scan showed that bubs is measuring 2 days ahead and estimated cureent weight is 1.2kg.

In recent weeks I have felt so much movement. Little Miss has swapped sides. Kicks are now on the right. She also prefers me to sleep on my right now that she has moved so most nights are spent tossing and turning but generally I just give in so she will lay still and let me sleep. 

My nephew was due to come 3 days ago – he is a stubborn little man who is too comfy. I’ve tried telling him I really want to cuddle him – I’ve even yelled at him to “GET OUT!” – he won’t budge! Hoping he arrives in the next few days so I can give him a big kiss and cuddle! I love him already and know that he will be my babies bestie! It will be so nice to have a little man to cuddle until our little Miss arrives. I already have part of his Christmas present picked but need him to come out and be named so I can order it. 

Baby Shower Prep is well under way and my application for Maternity Leave has been submitted. Just over a month to go…. WOO HOO! 

I’ll hopefully post a 4D picture of our baby girl next week! 

Until Next Time 

Hello Home Stretch 

Blood Pressure issues & Our Nursery 

This last few weeks Little Miss Angelucci has been kicking and punching up a storm! It is so nice to feel her moving around and experience the miracle of pregnancy. It really is the best feeling in the world and I hope that everyone that wants it gets an opportunity to experience it. 

Some mornings I just lay in bed in the early hours with my hand on my belly receiving high fives from our baby girl, I love my sleep but gosh I love her so much more. It’s moments that I don’t want to miss and make the most of every opportunity. 

26weeks 3 days here

Over the last 10 or so weeks I have experienced headaches on and off, On Saturday 24th September my head was really sore, ordinarily I just sleep it off but it was like bubs was telling me to go to see a doctor, so at 8:30pm on a Saturday night I threw on a jacket and drove myself to a 24/7 medical centre in a neighbouring suburb. After a short wait I was seen by a GP who after I advised I had a headache and was 26 weeks pregnant proceeded to check my blood pressure and was concerned when it showed 148/90. He handed me a specimen cup and asked me to provide a urine sample for the nurse to test. A few minutes later I was sitting there being told I need to go to the hospital!  There was protein present in my urine, the combination of headache, high blood pressure and presence of protein was a great cause for concern…. they suspected Pre Eclampsia! 

I immediately called my Obstetrician who called ahead to the Epworth Freemasons and instructed the midwife to prepare an ante-natal room for me where I would require secondary urine test, bloods, blood pressure monitoring and fetal monitoring. 

I called Adam in a panic and asked him to come home immediately, a call I hated making as I knew he would be so worried! He didn’t hesitate and was in the car within minutes. I left the GP after calming myself down, I drove home and waited for Adam to get home to take me into the hospital. 

A few minutes later we were on our way to Epworth Freemasons, a drive that felt like forever. We parked the car and went straight up to the Maternity Ward, we were greeted by a lovely midwife who had been pre-informed about the concerns. Within 30 seconds of walking through the doors I was in a private room being monitored. Poor Adam was sitting on the edge of his seat with worry. 

My blood pressure had dropped to 130/80 which the midwife was happy with, bubs heart rate was nice and strong and steady and she was moving around like crazy so I was reassured that she was fine. Secondary urine sample showed there was no longer any protein. 🙌

They ran some bloods but they all came back fine. Such a relief 

It was a very stressful few hours. I was ordered to go home and rest which is exactly what I did.

Adam had a GP appointment on Tuesday night (27/9)to get his Whooping Cough injection as our Nephew is due in 10 days time 🙈! As I also know his GP we asked if he could check my blood pressure,( I had an appointment to see the same GP for my injection today – 29/9). The GP checked my blood pressure and it was back up! 145/80 😔 

Back to resting for me! I took yesterday off work and spent the afternoon having a 3 hour nap! It must have done the trick as this morning my blood pressure was back down to 130/80 👏🏼

I am seeing my Obstetrician on Tuesday 4/10 and will discuss where to from here. My blood pressure is something that clearly needs to be monitored more frequently now and I am doing everything possible to keep it at bay. 

The GP suggested that I may have to finish work earlier than anticipated but I will see what my Ob says and simply follow his orders, if he says stop work and rest in a few weeks then that is what I will be doing, I am not taking any chances when it comes to this Little Miss. 

On another note, plans for my baby shower are well under way! 99 beautiful women are invited to attend and so far I have had more than 30 respond that they will be attending! Cannot wait to celebrate my baby girl with all the women in my life. 

The theme is very pink!

Our nursery is now complete! The only item yet to arrive is the change table that we purchased that has been ordered and will arrive within the next fortnight. Bubs has a cot, bassinet, pram, chest of drawers,(overflowing with amazing little outfits!) rug, toys, books,bouncer, nappies, wipes and lotions. 

Little Miss Angelucci’s Nursery

My mother in law even found her lace christening gown from 1960! We are going to have it professionally cleaned and will use it when we baptise our little miss 😍 how special is that! 

56 year old christening gown from Nonna Cathy

I will continue to blog updates over the coming weeks with details of how my blood pressure is tracking. 

We have our 28 week scan on Monday 10th October. We hope our little baby nephew (AKA – Little Man) is here by then! I am desperate to snuggle him. 

Blood Pressure issues & Our Nursery 

What a difference a year makes…

Yesterday Facebook alerted me to a memory, not a happy memory. But that of our third failed IVF cycle. 

12 months ago we were beyond devastated to learn that we had experienced a Bio-Chemical Pregnancy / Early Miscarriage. In hindsight it was only the beginning of a heartbreaking journey that we would continue. 6 more embryos would be implanted and fail. 

A year ago I became a broken woman, I was starting to dip into what I now realise was depression. A year ago I had pushed my body to its limits in a quest to achieve our baby dream. I was so sore, I endured a painful surgery to remove my eggs which involved puncturing my uterus to avoid damaging my bowel. I was physically and mentally drained.

a few days before egg collection.

I looked around 23 weeks pregnant which was even worse as I had people look at me suspecting that I was pregnant when i definitely wasn’t. It was like a kick in the throat everytime they gave me ‘the look’.

12 months on, actually 23 weeks pregnant

Around 7 days after our 3rd embryo transfer I passed a tissue type clot which I can only assume was part of what was deemed to be a miscarriage according to bloodwork. 

Needless to say, 12 months ago our lives were very different. Whilst we were happy together, as individuals we were fighting to stay sane, to continue with the heartache. Each not wanting to give up for fear of disappointing the other. 

As I sit here and write this my daughter is contently kicking me from inside the womb and I have tears because I have waited for this moment, and whilst I know there are people out there who have waited far longer for this than what we have, I feel like we earned this. We fought damn hard for this! 

I wish everyone going through a journey of trying to conceive had a crystal ball. I wish I had one… I wouldn’t have endured the pain, the heart ache that was our IVF journey. But I am grateful of what I learned about myself and my husband. We are strong! We are resilient! And we are sooo ready for this! 

12 months ago my tears were of grief for the baby that would never be, and now the tears I shed are of pure joy of the baby that is on its way. 

I guess the point behind this post is to encourage people to embrace the hand you’re dealt, life isn’t meant to be easy for all of us. Some of us have to endure the worst things in order to appreciate the best things. 

We don’t take for granted our pregnancy. We know how lucky we are to have been able to conceive naturally. Especially after receiving my auto immune results. We know of so many people that are still struggling and it hurts my heart to know that they’re only just beginning their journey. I just pray that their dreams come true soon. 

I hope people read our story and keep faith that anything is possible. And what is meant to be will always find a way! 

I am grateful that Facebook reminded me of just how far we have come. 

To the couples reading this who are yet to achieve their baby dream – I hope in 12 months time that it’s you that is reflecting on how much has changed. 

Sending baby dust to all those trying to conceive. Keep positive and never give up! 

What a difference a year makes…