Alessia’s First SleepOver

Last night Alessia had her first ever sleep over.

It did not go very well…

Alessia was fine, me… not so much! 😂

I have never wanted her to have a sleep over as I don’t like the thought of being away from her overnight, and she is such a good sleeper that I haven’t felt like I’ve needed a “break” from her.

But due to needing to be separated when we go into hospital to have Bub, we reluctantly agreed that she needs to have a night away from us to make sure that she would be ok when the time comes.

We had originally planned to go to Gold Class Cinemas as our Obstetrician has gifted us tickets, when we checked the sessions though there was nothing that we wanted to see so decided to just have a night at home.

We ended up staying at my mums for dinner as I wasn’t ready to leave her for such a long period just yet.

It was nice as both my brothers were also there too so it was an impromptu family dinner.

At 8pm we decided it was time to go as Alessia goes down anytime between 8:30 – 10pm depending on how her naps went during the day.

Alessia was completely unphased by us leaving and waved to us as we drove off.

One thing my mum taught/told me was if we are ever leaving our kids, is to make sure we say goodbye to them and never sneak off. This way they understand that you have left rather than look for you and get upset later. Alessia has never cried when we have left her, and knows we will always come back for her.

We didn’t even make it to the end of mums street and I was crying my eyes out! I cried for a good 5 mins and was a mumbling mess. A combination of mum guilt, pregnancy hormones and realising I wouldn’t see my baby girl for 12 hours! 😩

We talked about it in the car on the way home and agreed that whilst we would happily go back and get her, it is necessary in the lead up to Bub number 2.

When we got home, the water works started again! And I struggled to turn them off… I had a nice shower (#TooFatToFitInOurBath 😂) and wiped my tears away, washed my face and convinced myself to try and just enjoy the night off.

Thank god for Netflix! We binge watched 5 episodes of How to get away with Murder before calling it a night at 12:30am

I was texting mum every half hour or so until she told me to “watch my shows or go the f*ck to sleep” 😂

I made her send me a photo of my sleeping Bub as proof that she was ok.

I had one of the worst night sleeps I’ve had in months. Despite getting 7 hours sleep with a quick 4am thanks to a very active Bub Number 2, I woke up feeling tired, and lost despite being in our own home.

For the first time in almost 16 months, I didn’t wake up to my daughter and her delicious cuddles. And I was sad.

FaceTime to the rescue! 🙌🏼

Alessia woke just before 6am at mums, but slept well and was loving playing with her nan nan and enjoying her choc chip toast and banana for breakfast.

We woke at 7:30am. Alessia’s usual wake time, my body clock has adjusted and I’m automatically up at that time now.

We got up, had some breakfast, got ready and left home on route to get our girl! 🏃🏼‍♀️

Thankfully the traffic had eased and we got there relatively quickly. I was so excited to see her, we was she to see us.

Being a daddy’s girl, she was more interested in cuddles with Adam than me but I was just excited to be with her that I didn’t mind.

I am glad we did it but certainly not doing it again unless absolutely necessary anytime soon!

I knew I would hate being away from her, I just didn’t realise how badly I would handle it.

I’m not a helicopter mum but my attachment to this kid is off the charts.

I’m not sure if it’s because we tried so hard to conceive her that I can’t bear the thought of being away from her, or just the type of mum I am #Clingy.

Either way, she is stuck with me…. at least until she’s 35. 😂

Currently 32Weeks+2 Days pregnant so home stretch now 🙈

My Hospital bag is now ready to be packed, bubs newborn stuff is all washed and ready for her.

Alessia is so ready to be a big sister, and whilst the adjustment period may take a little while to understand that she now shares us with her sister, I know she will thrive.

Only a few more weeks left of work now, looking forward to a break before bubs. And by break I mean moving out of our home. We sold it 2 and a bit weeks ago. 👏🏼

2018 is certainly going to be a year to remember.


Alessia’s First SleepOver

Gestational Diabetes

2 Weeks ago I completed the dreaded GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test), I didn’t come even close with my first pregnancy so I thought I’d be in the clear again.

The following day I received a call from my Obstetrician to advise that my blood tests show that I have Gestational Diabetes and that I would receive a call from a diabetes educator to make an appointment.

Sure enough, within minutes my phone was ringing again. It was Emily – my diabetes educator to explain my results and book me in for an appointment to meet with her.

Emily explained that in order to be in the clear of Gestational Diabetes my fasting levels needed to be under 5.1, unfortunately my levels were bang on 5.1

So whilst I have Gestational Diabetes, I only just have it – if that’s even a thing.

What this now means for me is using a glucose monitor to check my blood sugars 4 times a day.

First thing in the morning (after a period of 8-10 hours fasting) , 2 hours after breakfast, 2 hours after lunch and 2 hours after dinner.

In order to avoid insulin assistance I am diet and exercise controlling my diabetes which so far is working well for me.

My numbers need to be under 5 at first test in the morning and under 6.7 after meal fasting.

I am allowed to have morning tea, afternoon tea and supper after testing/before the next meal if I feel like something. I can also have water at any point of the day.

Most days I enjoy a cup of tea or Milo as “morning tea” or supper if I don’t have a little snack instead.

I’ve only gone over 6.7 twice since I started testing, once with pasta and the other with Pizza, foods that I am sure I’ll have plenty of in my lifetime so it’s a small sacrifice to make in removing them from my diet for the next few months.

I’ve discovered that Nando’s 1/4 chicken and chips is a meal that I can enjoy without impacting my numbers so that will be my treat meal for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was craving Vietnamese Pho today, since they have rice noodles I only ate half of the noodles but it still hit the spot and my numbers came in at 6.4! 🙌🏼

I’m slowly working out what I can/can’t have, if I’m unsure I’ll go for a 30 min walk after my meal which has so far helped to ensure my numbers are under 6.7.

Cold Grapes have been a refreshing sweet treat that I have enjoyed or the occasional small bowl of strawberry yoghurt on the couch after Alessia goes down as my supper.

Toast with Banana and a cup of hot milo or multi grain weetbix have been my go to breakfast.

Adam is home for lunch each day so I tend to eat my main meal at lunch and have a small serve of veg and chicken or meat for dinner. Tonight was pork schnitzel and a stir fried veggies.

If there is something that I really feel like eating then I just make sure I eat a smaller portion of it and load up on veggies to fill me up.

In the week and a bit since adjusting my diet I have lost 1kg which means that my total weight gain this pregnancy is now 3kg and will likely drop more as the weeks progress, given the baby already weighs half that – plus there is fluid and a placenta in there too I guess I haven’t technically gained anything. I’m very lucky as I’m already heavier than I would like to be and don’t need any added “baby weight” to lose later.

I’ve checked with both my Obstetrician and Diabetes Educator and confirmed that it’s safe to be losing weight, Baby is growing beautifully and that’s all that matters.

I gained 6.7kg my whole pregnancy with Alessia and ate anything/everything I wanted (including a tonne of pasta), by the time she was 10 days old I had lost 11kg so given that I’ve removed sugar and most carbs from my diet it’s expected that weight will start to drop off.

I actually think that the diagnosis is the best thing for me as I tend to have quite a sweet tooth and am enjoying making better choices in meals, a lifestyle change that I hope to continue once bubs arrives.

It was hard to resist having a bit of Birthday cake on Monday for Adam’s Birthday and with Easter being next week doing the grocery shop is torture but my babies health is much more important than a sugar hit.

I will be looking forward to some icecream post delivery that’s for sure!

Any Low Carb/ Low GI recipes – send them my way


Gestational Diabetes

A New Year

When the clock strikes 12, we welcome 2018, the year our second baby girl is due to enter the world, the year we say goodbye to our first home and begin our next chapter as a family of 4.

2017 has been one of the most incredible years of my life. I have spent it raising another human and watching her grow into the most adorable and loving little girl. I have also been lucky enough to share magical moments and create amazing memories with my wonderful husband who really is my rock.

The last year has been one that I will treasure forever, so many beautiful moments, milestones and celebrations.

I’m not one to make resolutions, as whenever I have I have failed miserably. I do however hope that those that do make a resolution are able to stick to it and fulfil their goal.

2017 has taught me a lot, I learned a lot about myself this year. I found an even deeper love and appreciation for my husband, I realised just how hard our parents did it when raising us and a new found respect for both my mother and mother in law as not only parents but women.

I developed beautiful new friendships with women that I didn’t even realise I needed in my life and created a sisterhood that I hope lasts forever.

For the last 2.5 months I’ve been back at work part time and juggling motherhood, work and a household. I truly take my hat off to working parents who somehow make it all work despite the chaos.

Today i went though my Facebook memories and I cannot believe just how far we have come in the last few years.

2013/2014 , we were set to marry and it truly was one of the most exciting times of my life.

2014/2015 , newlyweds that wanted to create a family and had just been delivered a blow that it may not be possible.

2015/2016, a year of heartache and disappointment of yet another 12 months of infertility without a hope in sight.

2016/2017, welcoming our miracle Alessia Lucia, who just 12 months earlier we truly never though we would have.

2017/2018, preparing to welcome another blessing and sharing a magical year as a little family.

My point here is, nothing is permanent. Unfortunately sometimes we are faced with difficulties and heartbreak in our lives but living through them truly does make you a stronger individual/couple.

To the couples trying for a baby, keep praying, don’t lose faith, continue to love each other through the pain and build an unbreakable bond that will one day be the backbone of your family unit.

2018 May very well be your year. You just don’t know it yet.

From my family to yours – Happy New Year. Stay Beautiful, Be Grateful, Be Kind, Stay Safe.

Angelucci Family x

A New Year


They say time flies when you’re having fun…. it does even more so when you’re a mum.

Our baby girl is 1!

1 year and 1 day Ago our lives changed in the most amazing way, we welcomed our little miss Alessia Lucia into the world at 1:56pm on 19th December 2016. She weighed just 3.16kg and instantly became the apple of our eyes.

What an incredible year it has been!

On Saturday 16th December 2017 we celebrated Alessia’s First Birthday with our nearest and dearest.

The party was held at home, we had a donut wall, a jumping castle, lots of yummy food and thankfully, great weather.

Alessia was soooooo spoilt! She received so many beautiful thoughtful gifts and will have hours of endless fun with them. I have put all of her cards in her Baby Box that contains lots of little keepsakes from her first year of life. I can’t wait to gift it to her when she older and sit with her and read through all of her cards.

Our gift to Alessia were 1/2ct Diamond white gold Studs, with her birthday being in such close proximity to Christmas we wanted to get Alessia a sentimental first birthday gift that she can have forever and as such felt that they were the perfect present. Who doesn’t love diamonds! 😝

Yesterday we had Alessia’s Maternal & Child Health Nurse Appointment, Alessia weighs 11.37kg & is 77cm Tall.

She is in the 90th percentile and is the cutest little chubby bubby. Once she starts walking she will lose her puppy fat so we are enjoying all the jiggly cuddles we can.

Alessia has 7 Teeth (4 Top, 3 Bottom) , she says “Mum, Dad, Nan-Nan, Nonna, Yes, Bye & Bubba”. Waves her finger when told “No No No”, standing up and walking with assistance – first steps within a week I reckon.

Alessia co-sleeps and has since we got back from Bali. We absolutely love the snuggly cuddles, she sleeps through the night. Generally from 9pm-7/8am. We will look at transitioning her into her big girl bed before the baby comes but we are in no rush to kick her out of our bed. They’re only little once and there will come a time when she won’t want to be cuddled all the time and we will miss it.

Alessia loves spending time with her grandparents. Since I’ve been back at work she spends at least 1 day a week with each.

Yet to have a sleep over, We can’t bear to spend the night away from her. We will look at letting her between now and her sister arriving as she won’t be able to stay with us at the hospital overnight so I need to cut the cord eventually but to be honest we haven’t needed a night off.

Parenthood is the most amazing thing we have ever done. This last year has been an incredible ride and an absolute pleasure watching our baby girl grow in front of our eyes.

Alessia’s little personality is starting to really shine, such a cheeky bum who we just adore.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl. Thank you for choosing us to be your Mummy & Daddy.



From Infertile to Two under Two!

If you told me 3 years ago that I would have 2 Children in under 2 years I would have said “BULLSHIT!”

Yet, here we are!

On Thursday 28th September 2017 we got those 2 beautiful lines show up.

I’m Pregnant!

As you all know, conceiving Alessia was quite a journey. But we got our girl, and now we are getting another.

Tomorrow I will be 12 Weeks Pregnant with Daughter Number 2! That’s right, it’s a Girl! And she is perfect.

I’m not sure if it was our relaxed approach to having another baby that made it so easy or the fact that my body has worked out what to do, but either way I’m not complaining.

Our dream of Two under 2 is a reality and we are so excited to share that come June 2018 Alessia will have a baby sister.

Baby Number 2 was conceived in our Third Month of trying. From our 6 week check up post delivery with Alessia our first question to Dr Sgroi was “when can we try again”, Dr Joe said ideally there would be an 18 Month age gap between bubs however as we had difficulties conceiving Alessia he was happy for us to start trying when she was 6 Months Old.

We decided that in Bali we would stop all precautions and just see what happens. We had destroyed our embryos months prior and had the mentality that if it didn’t happen naturally again then it was ok, we were blessed with Alessia and if she was it then we were lucky.

Of course we wanted to give her a sibling but I never wanted to go back down the IVF path and we didn’t know if it would or could happen again.

The morning of 28th September 2017, my period was 9 days late…. I had an inkling but the month before it had been 7 days late and I ended up getting my period and a negative test so I didn’t get my hopes up.

As soon as I finished testing Adam took the test off me and I went back to bed to lay down for cuddles with Alessia. Adam said the positive result showed almost immediately, he knew for a minute or so before he showed me and I love that he had a moment whereby he knew we were having a baby and he got to be the one to tell me. Usually it’s the other way around and it was such a special moment that I’ll never forget.

I’ve since had a few scans and bloods done, bubs is perfect and we have our 12 week scan booked for when we are 13w1d.

Our percept results came back low risk and we found out that it’s a girl. We were happy with either gender but we are so excited that we will have 2 girls especially so close in age! Alessia will have just turned 17 Months when her sister arrives.

It’s going to be a very busy time in our lives but we certainly aren’t the first to have 2 under 2 and knowing that they will always have each other and hopefully be the best of friends makes us so excited.

Adam has said he will definitely need a man cave in our next home as in 15/16 years we are going to have two teenage girls in our house and if they’re anything like me he will need an escape during “that time of the month” 😂

I’ll continue to share our pregnancy journey with you all over the coming months. This one is flying by

I’m trying to be super organised but my gosh it’s hard with an almost 1 year old, planning a first birthday, Christmas, looking at building a new family home, preparing for the arrival of a new baby girl in 6 Months time but somehow it all works out.

Our days are filled with cuddles, naps, swimming lessons, Walks, story time, wiggles and lots of washing.

I promised myself that I would fill in Alessia’s baby book each month, so far I have kept that promise, I am also now filling in a pregnancy journal each week. I have just ordered a beautiful matching baby book for the new baby but they now stock them in pink! So of course I got her a pink one.

If you’re after beautiful keepsake journals. Check out @writetome on instagram. You won’t be disappointed!

Until next time x

From Infertile to Two under Two!

Back To Reality 

Tomorrow marks the last day of my maternity leave. As of Friday, I am officially a working mum. 

There will be tears, so many tears! 

Not from Alessia though, she will be fine! Haha 

I haven’t left my girl for more than 4-5 hours at a time, and when I have it’s a rare occasion, so the thought of spending 10 hours away from Alessia two days in a row will be torture! 

I have been meaning to do a trial run for months, to see how she goes being away from me. But truth be told, I’m obsessed with this kid and hate being away from her unless absolutely necessary so I never did it , now I somewhat regret it, despite knowing that she will be in the best hands with my mum and mother in law this weekend, I’ll constantly worry, but I probably would have anyway even if I was used to leaving her.  

My first few shifts will be in the office so that I can find my feet again and get up to date with communications etc. 

Once I am working from home, Alessia will be home with her Daddy for the first few hours of my day before he drops her off at either my mums, or his. I’ll be able to sneak in a kiss and cuddle on my break. 

I have been so lucky to have had 10.5 months of paid leave to bond with my baby, to watch her grow. I am fortunate that I am only returning 3 days a week so that I can still have work/life balance. 

As much as I would love to be a stay at home mum forever, I love having my own money and contributing to our household. It will mean that we can continue to go on holidays every year and live a comfortable life. It’s a small sacrifice to make for our family’s future. 

Alessia will get a chance to bond with her grandparents who just absolutely adore her. I loved spending time with my grandmother when I was a kid. I still have a very strong bond with my nan. A bond that I hope Alessia shares with both her Nan Nan & her Nonna. 

Work will provide me with a bit of routine that I am missing. Currently we don’t have a routine in our house. And whilst it suits us, a bit of structure to our days will be refreshing I’m sure. 

We are now busy planning Alessia’s First Birthday, invitations will be going out next week! So excited! 

I can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner 🙈. 

Thankfully my Christmas Shopping for Alessia is all done! Thanks to Big W Layby & Mattel Sale. 

I’ll be blogging more in the coming weeks about Party Prep, How I’m transitioning to being back at work, Christmas etc. 

I have been meaning to blog a 9 month update of Alessia , I’ll aim to get it done soon. Hopefully before she turns 1 haha 

Alessia is now 9.5 Months Old, Approximately 11kg and growing taller by the day. 

Alessia has started swimming lessons on Wednesdays at Windy Hill. She absolutely loves the water and is doing so well already! 

Loves to feed herself! Blueberries are her favourite snack. We are going through a few punnets a week at the moment. 

Still Breastfeeding. I’m actually proud of myself for continuing feeding. I plan on Breastfeeding her until at least age 1. Then wean her to cows milk. But I’m in no rush to make her stop Breastfeeding. I do love the bond we share when feeding and it’s such a beautiful feeling knowing your body is nourishing your child.

I’ll save the rest of her update for her own blog entry. 

Thanks for Reading!

Here are some pics from the last month or so. 

Back To Reality 

Baby Food Prep 

For anyone that follows me on Instagram and Snapchat, you will have seen that this weekend I embarked on what I deemed #BabyMealPrepMarathon. 

I made it my mission to make 100 meals this weekend for Alessia, to have in the freezer for both lunches and dinners. I managed to make 72, meh! Close enough 😝

Alessia is now 8 months old and while most of the time we let her ‘eat what we eat’, we do live a different lifestyle to most in that Adam works afternoons/Evenings and therefore our family meal time is lunch, not dinner. As such, we have our main meal together at lunch and dinner time is generally me eating a bowl of something leftover out of the fridge or the occasional cup of tea and slice of toast when I’m either not prepared or not that hungry. 

I am a very fussy eater and most of the time will refuse to try new things, Adam is the opposite  and will try/eat anything and everything! I want Alessia to have Adam’s mentality towards trying new food and felt that by pre preparing her meals I could include much more variety into her diet and hopefully develop her palette in turn. 

I had quite a few requests for recipes over the last few days so decided to share them with you all and hopefully have some sent my way in return. 

Friday was grocery shopping day. We visited the butcher and green grocer to stock up on fresh ingredients as well as Coles for some staple items. 

I chose the weekend that Alessia’s front tooth decided to cut through which wasn’t ideal as I was extremely tired but this made me even more proud of my culinary achievements. It’s amazing how far we can push our bodies on so little sleep. 

I made 6 different types of foods that Alessia can consume over the coming months. I plan on adding to this with supply as 6 meals certainly isn’t enough variety, but I feel it’s a good start. 

• Lentils 

• “One Pot Chicken” 

• Baby Bolognese

• Chicken Mushroom Pasta 

• Baby Beef Casserole with Rice 

• Mashed Mixed Vegetables 

1x Tbs Olive Oil, 1 x Onion, 1 x small tin of diced Italian tomatoes (I just use the Coles brand) , 1 x 375g pack of McKenzies whole green lentils, 1 x punnet of Continental Parsley, 3 X Carrots, 750ml-1L of Salt Reduced Chicken Stock (I used Coles Brand, can use homemade also), 1 x pack of Coles Brand Dry Chicken Noodle Soup Mix.

You’ll need a heavy based stainless steel pot for this one, on a medium sized burner. 

To prepare, wash and dry parsley, peel carrots. 

*I used my Breville Food Processor to chop my vegetables this weekend as CBF chopping everything up by hand.* 

Put onion in processor and blitz until finely chopped. 

Heat pot and add oil, cook onion until clear, then add whole can of diced tomatoes and stir, cooking off on a medium heat for approximately 5 mins. 

Blitz parsley and add to pot and stir, then blitz carrot until finely chopped and add to pot. 

Add in the entire bag (375g) of whole green lentils, add chicken stock and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer and stir often until reduced and lentils are soft (approx 45-60mins). 

You can add more stock/water to the mix if you feel it is too dry through the cooking process.

Once cooked, add chicken noodle soup mix and stir well. Allow to cook for a further 5 mins then remove from heat and allow to cool. 

Portion into Zip lock bags or small containers to freezer. This quantity makes approximately 20 Portions (1/3-1/2Cup) 


20g butter,1 x Leek, 1/2 large sweet potato, 3 x carrots, 1 x medium/large chicken breast(cubes), 750ml salt reduced chicken stock (again I used the Coles brand carton for this one). 

For this one you will need a heavy based deep frying pan with a lid. 

I again blitzed my vegetables in my food processor, separating the Leek. 

On a medium burner on a medium heat, melt butter in pan and add Leek, cooking until soft. Add cubed chicken and cook until coloured slightly, add sweet potato & carrot and stir. 

Cover with chicken stock and bring to slight boil, add lid to cover and reduce to a simmer for approximately 25/30 mins whilst stirring often. 

Once chicken is cooked through and liquid reduced, turn off heat and remove chicken. 

Add chicken to clean & dry food processor and blitz every so slightly to shred the chicken. 

Stir the chicken back into the pan and allow to cool before portioning into containers or zip locks. 

*I like to label all of my zip lock bags with the contents and date* 

This recipe gave me 12 x Portions however you may get more/less depending on portion size. 

You can add pasta or rice to the dish if you like and this can be added directly into the pan provided there is sufficient liquid. 


Tbsp Olive Oil, 500g Lean Beef Mince, 1/2 Sweet Potato, 1 x Leek, 1/2 bunch continental parsley, 1 x Medium Zucchini, 250g fresh mushrooms, 250ML Salt Reduced Chicken Stock, 1 x bottle of Passata (could be replaced by 2 x small tins of crushed/diced tomatoes). 

I used the same heavy based deep frying pan that I used for the one pot chicken for this one. 

Again, blitzing all vegetables and parsley before starting. 

On a high heat, add oil to pan and fry beef mince until cooked. 

This one is pretty simple in that you then add all remaining ingredients and stir! 

I add parsley, Zucchini, carrot, Leek and sweet potato all together at this point and stir, then mix in the chicken stock, stir, then stir through the bottle of passata. 

Bring to a light boil, then reduce and simmer until thickened. 

I would say around the 50/60 min mark for this one. Stirring often, lid off. 

Allow to cool and then portion.


Tbsp Olive Oil, 1 x Large Chicken Breast (Diced), 250g Mushroom, 1/2 Sweet Potato, Leek, 750ml Salt Reduced Chicken Stock, 1/2C Soup/Alphabet Pasta (I prefer the Aldi one as it doesn’t go soggy) 

Same deep heavy based pan with lid for this one. 

Blitz mushrooms, sweet potato and Leek separately and set aside.

On medium burner, medium heat – add oil and Leek and cook until soft, add chicken and cook until slightly coloured. 

Add finely chopped/blitzed mushroom and sweet potato and stir, add chicken stock and simmer until veg is soft and chicken is completely cooked. 

You’ll find that this one has quite a bit of liquid, perfectly normal! 

Remove the cooked chicken and either chop/shred or process and leave out for the moment. 

Add the dry pasta to the still simmering veg and stock mix. Stir often.

Remove from heat once the pasta is cooked and return the chicken and stir through. 

Allow the mix to cool slightly then portion. 

I got 10 x Portions from this one. It’s a delicious recipe and one that I would definitely like to make for Adam and I one night. 


Tbsp Olive Oil, 300g Lean Chuck Steak/Stewing/Gravy Beef, 1 x Zucchini, 1/2 Bunch of Parsley, 1 x Large Sweet Potato, 1Cup Salt reduced Beef Stock, 1 x small can of Diced Tomatoes.

Deep Heavy Based Frying Pan with lid used again.

Blitz the parsley, Zucchini, sweet potato in preparation.

High Heat, Medium Burner – heat the pan and cook diced beef until slightly coloured/sealed.

Combine the beef stock and canned tomatoes in a measuring jug. 

Reduce the beef to a medium/simmering heat and add all vegetables and parsley. Then stir in the stock/tomatoes mix. 

Cover with lid and stir often. 

Once beef is soft (approx 60 mins), remove the beef, allow to cool slightly then shred. (Again, I gave it a quick blitz in the food processor)

Add 1/2C raw Basmati Rice and continue to stir. Cook until the rice is cooked. 

Return the shredded beef to the mix and stir well.

Remove from heat, allow to cool slightly then portion. 

I got 20 x 1/4C Portions from this recipe. 


Don’t think I really need to explain this one do I? 😂

I simply steamed Zucchini, Carrot,Cauliflower, Broccoli & Pumpkin. 

I then allowed them to cool and mashed them slightly with a potato masher in a big ass bowl, adding a small amount of salt and portioning up into zip locks. 

I find it’s handy to have mashed veg in the freezer as it can be added to whatever we are having to add volume to a dish or even to simply stir through pasta for an easy meal for Alessia on those busy days. 
I hope you all enjoy these recipes! 

All are my own except the One Pot Chicken which was shared by a friend. It’s definitely a winner and she makes it with soup/alphabet pasta which is a delicious combo. 

All recipes can be altered to include preferred vegetables and even herbs. 

They all freeze well and can be doubled or halved easily. 
Please let me know if this is something you would like me to continue to share… 

Now back to my Cup of Tea, Happy Sunday Folks! 

Baby Food Prep