On Tuesday 18th July we set off to Beautiful Bali for 2 weeks of Bliss. 

We had originally booked this trip 18 months ago but after discovering I was pregnant we put the travel plans on hold and rebooked to take Alessia. 

Best Decision Ever! 

Alessia is destined to travel, she loved the airplane! 

Alessia fell asleep on take off (on the boob). She slept 3 of the 6 hours we were on board which meant I managed to watch a movie 🙌🏼. We hadn’t booked the bassinet on the flight there due to it being a full flight however this didn’t seem to be an issue as our cuddly Bub was quite content being on our laps. 

We have travelled to Bali five times before and we were very comfortable in our decision to take a baby with us. We know the areas, the culture, the food etc. 

I believe we picked the perfect age to travel with Alessia as she isn’t yet crawling, sleeps well (and sleeps anywhere) , eats everything and loves the pram. It helps that I am still Breastfeeding as my main concern was the water however thankfully with bottled water for her to drink from her sippy cup I didn’t need to worry about boiling water for bottles and washing milk bottles.

Day 2, asleep in the stroller walking down Double Six to lunch.

Alessia loves loves loves the water and the pool was no exception! We have never taken her swimming in Melbourne before but it’s safe to say she is gonna love it when we start in a few months (we are waiting for warmer weather to begin lessons). 

It was 30 degrees every day we were there. 14 days of amazing weather, sleep ins, beautiful food, swimming and long walks whilst shopping. 

The only downside for me was the mozzies, especially since you can’t apply insect repellant to babies under 1. Thankfully between plug ins and bug spray we managed to avoid them biting our baby girl. She got one on the first night but not a single bite after that. 

We eat mostly Indonesian food when in Bali, I don’t see the point of travelling to a country if you’re not going to eat their food. Alessia ate a variety of local food including Nasi Goreng….. she loved it! 

My mum surprised us and came to Bali one week into our trip, it was so lovely to have my mum there to help. Especially at meal times. 

We even had a date night 😍

We went to Char Char Bar & Grill on Eat Street (Oberoi) – highly recommended! 

The Balinese were obsessed with Alessia, a fat, white baby with big blue eyes – what’s not to love 😂, plus Alessia loved the Balinese (and the attention). Everyone would approach the stroller and grab her chunky legs, or pinch her cheeks and ask how old she is? The moment they learned she was only 7 months they immediately told me how big she is…. yeah we know. 

Here are some photos of Alessia with our Balinese Friends. 

We stayed for 14 days in Seminyak at Arman Villas, we shared a 2 bedroom villa with friends of ours that had booked to come with us originally and chose to also cancel and rebook to come with us. It was nice to have familiar faces there as well as company at dinner. 

It was my mums birthday whilst we were in Bali so it was pretty special to share that with her in Bali and create beautiful memories with/for Alessia. 

We flew to Bali with Jetstar and I have to say they were fantastic! 

We didn’t do much shopping as Alessia seems to be growing so quickly that it’s impossible to know what size she will be wearing in summer. Mum is heading back to Bali in November so she will likely get her a few things then. 

We didn’t go to shop, we went to relax and that is exactly what we did. 

Adam got a chance to rest and relax, having a mate there meant he was able to share a beer and a cigar at night or wind down with in the afternoon whilst I fed Alessia or put her down for a nap. 

We captured some beautiful photos and made some amazing memories in Bali. It’s a trip that I am so glad we took. Adam loved spending time with Alessia (and me 😝) , he is only home for dinner two nights a week usually so to have 2 solid weeks as a family was so lovely. 

My must haves to travel to Bali with a baby are as follows: 

– Baby Carrier, life saver 

– Stroller, we bought a second hand Mothercare one on Facebook and donated it in Bali. 

– Water Wipes & Anti Bacterial Wipes 

– Aldi Swimming Nappies 

– 50+ Sunscreen ( we used Sunsense Sensitive) 

– Fan for the stroller (buy a clip on one) 

– Sippy Cup , we simply poured bottled water in it each day. 

– Panadol & Nurofen

– Thermometer (Alessia had a temperature on day 4 which was scary but thankfully I was able to monitor it) 

– Hats & Sunnies for Bub 

– Toys and Blanket from home 

– Pouch food for breakfasts / to mix with rice in the event restaurant doesn’t have baby friendly food. 

– Backpack Nappy Bag , made it easy to carry everything. 

FYI, we went through a box of nappies (72) in 14 days. 
I’ll wrap up the post with some happy snaps. 

If anyone has any questions, simply write to me or comment and I will respond to all. 


4 thoughts on “BALI

  1. Linsey Casey says:

    Great read, glad you had a fab time. Your photo’s are amazing.
    Love the list of items that you would recommend for babies, I wasn’t sure about the fan for the pram and what to do for Mozzies.
    We are off to Hawaii next month this has been really helpful. Ava is an awful sleeper so I’m not looking forward to the flight lol we have booked the bassinet seat but we have a stop over in Auckland first.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alessia liked playing in the bassinet but its positioned at an awkward height and woke when I tried to put her down in it so she slept in arms. Definitely get the clip on fan! There are clip on mozzie deterrents you can buy at chemist. And apparently they sell bands at rays outdoors too not sure if for babies though


  2. Firstly, she is absolutely gorgeous and secondly you guys look like you had the most awesome time. Very jealous. We’re not going abroad but the list of items is definitely helpful, not looking forward to packing!

    Liked by 1 person

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