6 Months Oldย 

Where oh where is the time going? 

I swear it was only yesterday that our baby girl was placed in our arms and now she is a big girl who eats 3 solid meals a day and rolls around. 

Alessia is just the little love of our lives. We just love watching her grow. Although I do wish the weeks would slow down. They seem to be flying by! It’s only 6 months until Christmas ๐Ÿ™ˆ, Just Saying! 

Alessia is currently smack bang in the middle of Leap 5! Anyone familiar with Wonder Weeks will feel my pain. I do miss her sleeping through the night but I know once this growth spurt passes and her little teeth cut through that she will be back to her normal self. 

She is still such a bubbly bubba, always has a little smile on her face. She gives the best kisses! Loves reading books with mum and dad, loves the attention when we applaud her for rolling over. And loves loves loves food! She must taste whatever we are eating! Will often wear more than she eats.

We celebrated Alessia’s Baptism last Sunday in a very intimate event. Everything we imagined it would be. We had an incredible photographer capture the ceremony – follow @leviandrew on Instagram! 

Alessia wore her Nonna’s Baptism Gown from 1961! It is still in immaculate condition.  I was so scared as I carefully handwashed it. I hope to keep it stored safely so that my grandchildren can be baptised in it in future. 

We celebrated at St Paul’s Catholic Church where we were married almost 3 years ago, then held a very intimate reception across the road at The BootFactory Cafe in their loft function room. 

Supplier Details : 

– Cake : Laurent Patisserie 

– Stole : Nancy’s Creations 

– Candle : Young Wild & Three Designs 

– Cake Topper : Etsy 

– My Dress: Showpo (Online)
We have just 1 month until we set off to Bali for our First Family Holiday ๐Ÿ™Š. I am excited but shitting myself at the same time. The flight, water situation etc. if anyone has any tips on travelling with a Bub – let me know! 

Alessia’s Passport Mugshot!

2 weeks away with my little family will be bliss! We love having daddy home so it will be great to create these memories as a family. I love capturing and documenting things so will begin to fill in her travel journal with our adventures whilst we are away. 

I’m doing a quick update whilst on the couch with a sleeping Bub ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ, I’m mindful that my phone battery is about to die so I’ll keep it brief. 

Adam got his Alessia Tattoo Chest Plate done! Ouch but Yay! 

Alessia is just under 9kg ๐Ÿ™ˆ, I haven’t measured her length in a month so I’ll have to double check that but I’m thinking she is almost 70cm tall. 

Alessia rolls from her back to her tummy with ease however isn’t a fan of the reverse. She is very strong and can hold herself up well. Loves to play peek a boo when on her tummy. 

She is such a little giggle guts and finds us to be hilarious! Super ticklish on the neck. Slowly learning how to use her walker but loves loves loves to jump! 

Still Breastfeeding, I have to admit the prospect of little teeth cutting through make my nipples want to invert. 

Loving solid foods, polishes off meals and loves sipping on some water to wash it down after a meal. 

I have been prepping lots of veg and freezing them in ice trays then having them all bagged and labelled. Makes it easy to mix it up and grab a bit of this and a bit of that. 

At this stage I’ve decided to go back to work in 4 months time – maybe 5…. I’ll see what work says once I’m back from holidays. I will start to introduce a bottle after Bali as once I’m at work Alessia will be in the care of our parents 2 days a week. I’d ideally like to continue Breastfeeding until she is 12 months old as I love the bond we share as well as the benefits to her immune system. Thankfully despite Adam and I both having bad colds recently she remained perfectly healthy and snot free! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Tomorrow we have Alessia’s 6 month needles ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. Not looking forward to the tears. 

I’ll try and get another more detailed post done soon but #MumLife comes first. I don’t know how the mummy bloggers do it full time! 

Until Next Time x 

6 Months Oldย