4 and a bit months 

Sorry for the lack of updates #MumLife!

We have been busy watching our daughter grow and reach new milestones.

Alessia is now on solids! 🙈

So far she has tasted (and loves)…

– Apple, Pear, Banana, Apricot, Blueberry, Mango, Avocado, Carrot, Pumpkin, Zucchini, Brocolli, Chicken, Rice, Potato.

All this goodness is helping to fill in these scrumptious cheeks!

Alessia will go to sleep anywhere from 8:30pm-10pm and generally wakes once to feed between 2-5am, sleeping again until around 9am. Before her 4 month immunisation/ 4th leap she was sleeping a solid 10-12 hours without waking. Thankfully though she is straight back to sleep after a quick feed.

Still Breastfeeding and Loving it. Having those little eyes look up and stare at you is just the most amazing feeling. It’s a very special bond and I am so grateful that I have been able and continue to feed my child.

Will give a little plug here to a an incredible small business… Sweet Graze – Lactation Cookies! Daniela’s Nutella Lactation Cookies are seriously amazing! They have definitely helped me maintain a strong supply (I’m able to express 150ml bottle after a feed) and they taste absolutely incredible. Plenty of delicious flavours but Nutella are by far my favourite. Check Them Out!

Alessia is almost rolling…. I have a feeling that once this kid gets moving there will be no stopping her 🙈.

We recently celebrated Alessia’s First Easter, I love making beautiful memories with her and have taken soooooo many photos! I’ve had to start making photo books and albums to keep up with them all.

The ‘Easter Bunny’ bought Alessia a beautiful keepsake book which is a personalised story about her and the Easter Bunny.

Our baby is growing up way too fast. I wish I could slow down time and just soak in these moments forever. Her little laugh is just infectious.

The next few months will be filled with party planning for Alessia’s Baptism which will be a very intimate event, plus organising her passport for our first overseas family holiday to Bali in July.

In the last few months I have made some beautiful new friends at Mothers Group and I look forward to our weekly catch up which now includes walks, lunches and coffee. We speak daily and it’s refreshing to have other mums to bounce things off.

I’ll try and get around to a more detailed post in the coming week or so. My focus really is caring for my daughter so writing has taken a backburner for the moment but when I get a chance I’ll hopefully get it done. I feel like my body is trying to catch up on all the sleep I missed out on in that first few weeks and I am finding myself napping with Alessia in the afternoons or falling asleep on the couch of a night time.

Being a mum is a tough gig, its a 24 hour job and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Thanks for reading. I’m off to bed x

4 and a bit months 

3 Months of Motherhood 

Is it really April?!? 

Where on earth did that time go? 

Alessia is now 3 and a bit months old and growing more and more precious by the day.

Alessia’s 3 month update: Weight is 6.7kg & Length is 62cm. 

Sleeping between 9-11 hours a night and napping 3-4 time anywhere from 20 mins to 2 hours depending on weather and where we are. 

This kid will sleep anywhere! Pram, Car seat , Cot, Bed, Bouncer, Floor Mat or even sitting up at the kitchen table! She will go down willingly without fuss most times, but when she is over tired she will whinge for a short period, picking her up stops her sooking. 

Alessia starts her night in her cot and when she wakes I bring her in with us so that I can feed her whilst sleeping. It works for us and Alessia hasn’t developed any “bad habits” as she sleeps through the night in her cot and would go back to her cot after a feed if placed there but it’s usually due to us both falling back to sleep that this doesn’t happen so it’s almost always 3 in the bed each morning and we love it that way. 

So smiley in the mornings with beautiful kisses and cuddles for mum and dad. 

Alessia is now:                                                     • Talking (baby babble) • Giggling • Lifting & Turning her head whilst on her tummy (Hates Tummy Time but will do it if entertained constantly during it ) • Holding her Toys • Putting Everything she can in her mouth • Turning on her side (not yet rolling) • Kicking her Legs with excitement •   Blowing Saliva Bubbles • Dribbling Lots • Sitting Up (Assisted) • Following Sounds • Loving the Bath • Enjoying her Jolly Jumper • Recognising Voices & Faces • 

Tonight I packed away all of her Summer Wardrobe, I cannot believe how many clothes she has outgrown already! She is still wearing/fitting Bonds 000 Onesies however moving into all other 00 Clothes which is great as her wardrobe for Winter includes some beautiful little pieces. 

We will be organising her Passport soon as we are heading to Bali for a fortnight in July. Looking forward to our First Holiday as a Little Family! 

I am slowly printing her albums and filling in her Baby Book & Journals etc. when I get a chance. Playing with Alessia and ensuring she is stimulated and cared for is my number one priority. 

Currently laying in bed with her sleeping snuggled next to me whilst I write this post. 

Alessia is still exclusively Breastfeeding which I am loving. The bond we share when she is feeding just warms my heart. The way her little hands hold my t-shirt makes me smile everyday. 

We will be starting to introduce solids (puree) later this month 🙊, something tells me that this little pork chop is gonna love it! 

Will be starting her off on some rice cereal and breastmilk. Then adding in puréed fruit and veg (separately) as the days and weeks progress. We have been discussing foods at Mothers Group with our Maternal Health Nurse, ours encourages introducing solids from 4 months. 

I’m looking forward to Alessia sharing a feed with her daddy. I know Adam can’t wait to help out with feeds so solids initially will be a daddy daughter time. 

Alessia will be Baptised in June. We have booked an intimate event with just 26 people. My Cousin/Maid of Honour Megan will be Alessia’s Godmother, Adam’s Twin Brother Mathew will be Alessia’s Godfather. We have always agreed that we wanted a small intimate celebration when we baptise our children. We look forward to celebrating with our nearest and dearest. 

Being a mum truly is the best job in the world. I know how lucky I am to have such a happy/bubbly baby who loves to sleep! I said to Adam when I was pregnant “you better hope that this kid loves sleep as much as I do and isn’t an asshole sleeper like you” 😂 

Whilst we are loving watching her grow and reach new milestones, we really do wish that she would stay this little forever. Her little personality is starting to shine through and I can already tell she is going to have us both wrapped tightly around her little finger. 

I am aiming to write a more detailed post about my experience with being a first time mum soon. I’ll wrap up this post with some recent photos of our little munchkin. 

I’m off to tuck Alessia into her cot and put my feet up on the couch whilst I wait for Adam to get home with a late dinner. 

Thanks for Reading x 

3 Months of Motherhood