A Tough Decision 

Today we have made a big decision, one that we have had to think long and hard about….. 

We have decided to destroy our embryos that are in storage with Melbourne IVF. We agree that we don’t want to endure the psychological stress of IVF again when we have been blessed with a spontaneous pregnancy which resulted in our gorgeous daughter Alessia. 

This may mean that Alessia is an only child, we may be blessed with more children. But whatever happens from this point is out of our control, and we are ok with that. 

We will never truly ‘try’ for another baby. We will stop all forms of contraception in a few months (in consultation with my Ob/Gyn) and then whatever is meant to be will be…. 

I am looking forward to saying goodbye to IVF and closing that chapter of our lives. 

The experience proved the strength we have as individuals and as a couple. It bought us closer together and created a bond that I am forever thankful for. 

We have been blessed with a little miracle who we absolutely treasure. 

If any of our embryos had ever taken we would be more inclined to hold onto them and maybe even use them in future. But something in my heart tells me to let them go, that I won’t need them. 

It’s like they already served their purpose in helping me grow as a woman, thickening my skin and preparing me to become the mother that I am today. 

I’ll never forget my IVF experience and will one day sit Alessia down and tell her about what we went through in our quest to become parents. 

I know so many women who are trying so hard to fulfill their baby dream, they’re in my thoughts every day as I know that road, I remember it well. But know that there is light at the end and it is well worth the journey. 

We got lucky and defied the doctors, proving my body knew what to do after all….. it just took a little longer than expected. 

I never thought I would be asking Melbourne IVF to destroy embryos that I fought so hard for, but here we are. 

Donating our embryos was never an option for us, We couldn’t live our lives knowing there was a child/children that were ours in the world that we didn’t have in our lives. I take my hat off to those couples who make that selfless decision to help others. 

I actually feel like a huge weight has been lifted, it was a tough decision but surprisingly easy. There is no turning back once we make this choice, so it was a decision that we needed to make sure we were sure of. As I look into my daughters eyes, I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life. 

If this is it, then we are blessed. 

Our hearts are so full and our daughter is the light of our lives. 

Here are some happy snaps from our Nephews Baptism yesterday. 

I’ll aim to post an Alessia update soon. 

I have been meaning to for weeks but…. #MumLife haha 

Until next Time x 

A Tough Decision