My Delivery Experience 

It feels like forever ago now. Yet only 7 weeks ago we were anxiously awaiting our delivery date. 

My late Obstetrician had scheduled me for a C-Section on Monday 19th December 2016 & 1:30pm. Whilst it was deemed to be an “elective cesarean” I was not given an option due to a genetic blood condition – I carry the prothrombin gene which puts me at a significantly elevated risk of clotting so was advised a cesarean was the safest option for delivery. 

The morning of delivery we woke up and showered, I washed my hair and put on some light make up. We were due to be at the hospital at 12pm for admission. We spent an hour or so with my nephew and soaked in his giggly smiles to take our mind off the wait. 

It didn’t feel real that we were even having a baby let alone having a baby that day! When you try and try and try to conceive and then it finally happens, it never feels true. As much as I loved being pregnant I have to admit I was shitting myself the entire time as I was so scared that something would go wrong. I am not an anxious person but I have to say I became one on December 19! 

It all felt like a bit of a blur…. 

We arrived at the Day Procedure Unit (DPU) of Epworth Freemasons at midday and signed the necessary paperwork for my Private Health Insurance. We then sat in the waiting room waiting to be taken into Theatre Prep. This is an area I am familiar with having been there three times before when having laparoscopic surgery in July 2012, December 2014 and April 2016.

Everyone in the DPU were so lovely. 

We were sat in a cubicle where we were asked to change into gown/scrubs and once ready we met our anaesthetist and midwife. Our Midwife Mary was such a beautiful lady, she explained that we would see Dr Sgroi, Dr Don Byrne & Paedeatrician Dr Danielle Freeman in theatre. Everything and Everyone was on time which meant it was a countdown until 1:30pm. I don’t remember much about our conversations other than “she is almost here!” , my eyes filled with tears as I realised that this is it – we are about to become parents. 

Snapchat sent to my cousins
About to become a dad selfie
The bump
Enjoying the last kicks of pregnancy

At around 1:25pm they came and told us they were ready for me. Adam was directed to wait in the waiting area whilst they prepped me. Once I was numb and on the bed with sheet up they would call him in ready to begin. 

I was so scared of the spinal block. I have no idea why as I am fine with needles and have now had 7 surgeries in 4.5 years. The anaesthetist tech held me tight as the anaesthesist administered the spinal block. Such an odd feeling – a tad painful but then weird to feel your body go warm and numb. I was numb from boob to toes and it was very surreal to see them lifting my legs onthe bed and not being able to help them. You’re desperately trying to move your body to help and nothing works. 

It felt like an eternity before she was out. Then at 1:56pm – I heard the most beautiful music , my newborn babies cry! 

I just started to cry as I knew at that moment that my baby was ok, she was here and she was perfect! Our little Alessia had entered the world 😍

She was shown to us then taken straight to the Paediatrician where she wa cleaned up and given her first injections. 

Little Alessia

Once she was all wrapped up she was placed on my chest , a moment I will never forget – I now truly understand the meaning of love at first sight! 

First Family Selfie
She’s perfect!

After a quick cuddle Alessia was placed in the safety of her daddy’s arms for beautiful cuddles whilst Dr Sgroi & Dr Byrne stitched me up. 

Around 25-30 mins later I was wheeled into a private recovery area where Adam was sitting with Alessia, it was the most beautiful sight to see my husband absolutely smitten by his baby girl. Telling her how much he loved her already. 

Alessia was then stripped off and placed onto my naked chest for skin to skin contact and to establish breastfeeding. I was very fortunate that Alessia latched immediately. (She continues to be exclusively breastfed ) 

Midwife Mary helping me establish Breastfeeding

Shortly later we were moved to the ward where our families were anxiously waiting. They were all extremely besotted by her and couldn’t wait for cuddles. 

Proud Nonna
My mum just so in love with her
That precious little face

We had our immediate family, our besties and my mums best friend visit us on the first day. I have no idea what time everyone left as I was a) on cloud 9, b) slightly in pain c) exhausted due to not sleeping well the few nights leading up to delivery. 

Our Little Miss Angelucci was finally in the world and we couldn’t be happier! 

I’ll wrap this post up here as I plan to write about my experience at Epworth Freemasons tomorrow if I get a chance. Unfortunately it wasn’t a pleasant experience but I will elaborate for you all soon enough. 

Back to sleepy cuddles with my girl 😘

My Delivery Experience 

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