6 weeks of Parenthood

Today we waved Adam off as he left for his first day back at work. It has been an absolutely blessing having him home for the last 6 weeks. The bond he has began to form with Alessia during this time is beautiful. She will never be this little again so I am grateful he was able to spend precious time with us. 

Daddy heading back to work today

Alessia is now 6 weeks old ๐Ÿ™ˆ! Where on earth did that time go? Our little girl is now a chubba bubba and I absolutely love her. She is growing so much and it makes me so proud to see her blossom and know we are doing a great job. 

It’s reassuring that my milk is enough to nourish her. My boobs have thankfully healed and breastfeeding is now a breeze. We are introducing a bottle of formula at night so that Adam can share the feeding bond with her.

Bottle time
Alessia likes the taste of formula and will drink it without fuss but is still mastering the sucking technique to prevent wearing more than she consumes but we are persevering as she slept for 6 hours straight after the last bottle ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ! It did however appear to upset her tummy a little bit so before the next one we will be buying a tin of ‘Nan COMFORT’ which we have heard is better on little tummies. 

I plan to breastfeed for as long as she wants it but like the idea of her taking a bottle so that I can attend appointments and having the occasional date night without worrying that she is hungry or upset. Plus it allows Adam to have a special moment with her.

Today was my 6 week check up with my Obstetrician Dr Joseph Sgroi , I have healed well and my scar is very neat, straight and small ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

My weight continues to drop which is nice as your body changes so much when you grow a baby so it’s nice to be able to feel good in clothes despite the new lumps and bumps. I have been wearing SRC recovery shorts since day 2 and have found them a huge help in keeping my body supported. They keep everything in place. I completed a survey which resulted in me receiving another pair of recovery shorts. The size I had purchased were a tad too big as they’re designed to be skin tight, after losing more than 10kg on a few weeks I needed the next size down so the smaller pair came at a perfect time and will keep me supported for weeks to come. 

I am starting to eat a lot better and walk lots as well as drink plenty of water, I’m mindful that Alessia is nourished by me so I need to ensure I’m putting good stuff in. 

6 weeks post partum
SRC Recovery Shorts
Excuse the granny panties

My first day alone has been surprisingly productive, Alessia is very tired today as she is entering her First Leap , she has slept lots today which meant I was able to clean the entire house ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ , update photo albums , eat a meal and do a load of washing. As well as write a blog post! 

I am loving singing to her, having chats on the couch and planting soft kisses on her head and just soaking her in. 

Alessia is mastering tummy time and is super alert! 

Big Blue Eyes ๐Ÿ‘€

The last 3 nights have been incredibly difficult as Alessia has been so unsettled as she prepares the enter her First Leap. From 7pm-Midnight she would cluster feed, be clingy and just scream for no reason. It was absolutely heartbreaking to  not be able to settle her. I am thankful that popping her on the boob calmed her down almost every time however there were times when she just didn’t know what she wanted and cried hysterically. She definitely broke our hearts and I am grateful that tonight she is sleeping and not screaming. 

Modern technology like apps have been a huge help – my cousin suggested I download the app Wonder Weeks and its extremely helpful. I refuse to google as I dont want to be that mum that diagnoses my baby with bullshit rather than seeking a professional opinion. 

Alessia will be visiting our GP on Monday for her 6 week immunisations and a general check up. Unfortunately he was unavailable this week but the Maternal Health Nurse has reassured me that it’s perfectly safe to wait until she is 7 weeks to get her needles. 

I am trying to psych myself up for them as I know she is going to scream in pain and as much as I don’t want to witness that I know I need to be strong as we will also learn her “I’m in pain” cry. 

Alessia is a very calm and content baby and it truly is a pleasure to be her mum. Even though she is almost always a happy baby, she has definitely had her moments where I want to cry with frustration due to not knowing what is wrong but we are always able to work it out – sometimes soon, sometimes after what feels like an eternity. 

In the last 6 weeks we have visited King Lake, Portarlington as well as Rochester & Echuca. Day trips have been nice to get away from the city and begin taking Alessia on “family adventures”. 

Portarlington Mussel Festival

We have filled our days with lunch dates, walks to the Park, shopping and visiting friends and family.

To say that we are so in love with her would be a huge understatement. We are just obsessed with this tiny human.

Alessia is now in Infant Size nappies (4-8kg) as we started to get lots of poo explosions as the newborn nappies didn’t seem to cover her back enough. 

Shit down to her knee ๐Ÿ˜ท

Shit everywhere means lots of baths! Thankfully Alessia loves loves loves the bath. Adam loves bathing her and watching her smile as she swishes in the warm water. 

Loves the bath

Alessia’s skin has been quite dry lately so we put some olive oil in her bath water (recommended by health nurse) and her skin is now silky smooth ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

Mothers group/ Playgroup begins in around  4 weeks, I am looking forward to sharing experiences and learning lots. 

Little Miss is starting to wake up from a sleep and I am sticking to my rule of limiting phone use when she is awake as she deserves my full attention so I will wrap this post up here, sorry for it being a bit all over the place as things start to come to me as I begin writing so I just shot them in ๐Ÿ˜‚ #blamebabybrain 

I will write my delivery and hospital experiences before the end of the week hopefully as I am keen to write about them. 

If there is anything you want me to specifically share then please feel free to let me know and I will try and get it done. 

Thanks for reading and continuing to follow and support our journey. 

6 weeks of Parenthood

6 thoughts on “6 weeks of Parenthood

  1. sewingbutterfly says:

    Beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ I use S26 Gold Comfort for my boy (9 weeks now!) as he is fully formula fed, breastfeeding was a disaster for me, so I am glad to hear it is going so well for you! I am still working through my guilt about it all, but my boy is so smiley and happy, so that helps!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. sewingbutterfly says:

        The comfort ones are hydrolyzed so are closer to breastmilk which is good for little tums. It is good she has a bottle as it will make it easier for her to accept a sippy cup and drink bottle later, something my nephew is now struggling with.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. She is beautiful and looks like you are doing a great job. And the poo-plosions will only get bigger so be prepared. Lol. I also use the NaN Comfort and it was the best change ever. I think that it is better for their tummies but then every bub is different. So hopefully it works for you. Looking forward to your birth story. I haven’t been able to write about mine yet as it was a bit traumatic. Maybe soon. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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