2 Months in

Alessia is 2 Months old Today!

Where has the time gone?

I absolutely love being her mum! Every morning we wake up to her gorgeous little smile. 

Our days are very different lately and we wouldn’t change them for the world! Yesterday my daughter shit on me….. TWICE before 7am! Today I have been up since 6am, I’ve cleaned my house from top to bottom, showered, put some make up on, bathed Alessia, folded the clothes & done 2 loads of washing. 

Alessia is still napping, she has been down since 10:30am so I decided to take a moment to write a quick blog post.

Thankfully this kid lovesssss sleep! Because we do too, I am that mum that naps when my baby does. I sleep from 2-4pm most afternoons. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ 

Alessia doesn’t really have a routine, but she has sort of fallen into a pattern all on her own. Adam works in the afternoon/evening and gets home at roughly 11pm, 9 out of 10 nights Alessia is still awake when he gets home. He will have a quick shower then enjoy a snuggly cuddle with her before she feeds and goes to sleep. She will sleep between 4-5 hours , then wake to feed and go straight back to sleep for another 3-4 hours, feed again and have another 1 hour sleep. 

The last week or so we have been putting her in her cot instead of the bassinet and she is absolutely loving it! She has lots of room to spread her arms out. 

We follow a wake, feed, play, sleep once she is awake in the morning. 

Alessia loves her toys and stares at her hanging ones in the car. She loves her play mat and will kick and make noises and smile. 

I’m still exclusively breastfeeding Alessia, we are both loving it! She is thriving and I’m enjoying the bond I get to share with her when feeding. It’s such a beautiful feeling to know my baby is getting everything she needs from my body. 

We have trialled bottles but she doesn’t take them as doesn’t quite understand how to feed from them. She also hates a dummy and will gag when it’s anywhere near her mouth. She has taken a dummy on a few occasions when she was a little younger but now refuses it. She is a very content baby who really doesn’t need one so we aren’t worried by it. If anything I’m glad she doesn’t take one as it means I don’t have to worry about getting rid of it when she is older. 
I’ve had people tell me that I should be offering Alessia a bottle of formula at night, I have trialled this on a number of occasions and it’s been a big fail as she wears more than she drinks and it hurt her tummy so we gave up trying and will revisit the bottle again with different formula soon. 

There are those that I happily take advise from and those that need to shut the f*ck up when it comes to these things. 

If you haven’t exclusively breastfed  your baby then please don’t tell me how I should be feeding my child! I don’t tell mothers who exclusively formula bottle feed their babies what to do so why is it ok for them to tell me what I should be doing?!? 

I have no issue with how people choose to feed their children and have always said that Fed is Best! So I don’t understand why other new mums feel the need to comment on what will “settle” my child or help her sleep better! 

Alessia has never been an unsettled baby. She rarely cries, naps 3-4 times a day. Wakes once through the night and shits like a trooper… so why does she need formula? 

I wouldn’t dare suggest to a mother of a bottle fed baby that they offer their baby their boob to comfort them at night so why is it any different for them to tell me to give her a bottle? 

The only person impacted by Alessia not taking a bottle is me! I am happy to breastfeed on demand and don’t need her to be looked after by someone else, I am on paid leave until October so for the moment bottles are certainly no issue in this house, plus my bench stays nice and clear! 

When Alessia starts sleeping through the night then I will happily offer her a bottle and drop her off at one of her grandparents house for a sleepover but for the moment we haven’t felt the need to have a “night off”. We have a beautiful, happy baby who sleeps well, I vacuumed her room this morning whilst she was in her cot and just the other day she slept through my hairdresser appointment including a blow wave without a peep so I don’t feel like I need a break from her as she doesn’t stop me from doing anything. If anything, we do more with a baby than we did as a couple. 

We still make time for us, when Alessia goes down we make time for long chats, cuddles, kisses and intimacy. We talk everyday about things other than Alessia because as much as she is our world, there are other things to talk about than poo and playtime.

I don’t understand how people say that once you have kids your sex life disappears… Bullshit! If you want it, you make time for it! Keeping your relationship with your partner is so important! We have been together for 13 years now and still can’t keep our hands off each other. Kids can’t change that.

Each day I shower, put on some make up, fix my hair and make myself feel good, I dont do these things for my husband or anyone but myself. Truth be told my husband prefers when I don’t wear make up. During this time Adam has cuddles and daddy / daughter playtime with Alessia and this is my “me time”. I also try and eat good food and exercise to help me continue to lose weight. I have been walking when I can and I am already lighter than my pre baby weight but I am heavier than I would like to be and so I am actively doing something about it.

When I was younger I walked to stay fit. I forgot how much I enjoy a nice brisk walk. If its not raining or stinking hot I will put Alessia in the pram, put together a playlist and walk to the supermarket (4km/1 hour round trip walk). 

Yes I have stretch marks and my boobs will never be the same, but this body made a baby! I am so proud of what my body has achieved and I will never take my ability to carry a child for granted. No number on a scale or tag of clothing will make me happier than I am when I look into my babies eyes… 

I’m gonna wrap this post up here as Alessia is waking up from her second nap and I can’t wait to smooch her and snuggle her. 

I will aim to post more during the week about Alessia’s development, she is changing every single day. 

Here are some photos from the last few weeks… 

2 Months in

Epworth Freemasons Maternity – Never Again!ย 

Our delivery at Epworth Freemasons was perfect! The staff were fantastic. We were made to feel calm, safe and cared for.

I have blogged about delivery yesterday so I won’t revisit it in detail but want to elaborate on our experience with Epworth Freemasons East Melbourne.

From the moment we left the recovery area of the Day Procedure Unit it all started to go downhill. I was shocked that we were wheeled through the main reception area of the hospital and into the lift to go up for Level 2 to the Maternity Unit. As soon as the lift doors opened we were greeted by our waiting family, whilst I was happy to see them, I had hoped that we would be in our room before we saw everyone so they would get a proper first look at her and not a quick glance whilst we are still doing skin to skin breastfeeding.

In recovery I had been medicated and allowed to sip on some water. Upon arriving in our recovery room on the maternity ward we allowed our family to come in to meet our little Alessia Lucia for the first time. It was here that we told them her name. We had kept it to ourselves until this point as wanted it to be special.

The midwife on the ward was abrupt and frankly quite rude. I had asked my mum for a glass of water and the midwife advised that I wasn’t allowed! I mentioned that I had been allowed to sip on water downstairs so didn’t see an issue in continuing, plus I felt really well. She reluctantly agreed provided I sipped it. We tried to order Adam some dinner from the menu and were advised that we had missed the cut off for the kitchen by 30 mins , despite having been in the room for almost 2 hours at this point. I felt that if there is a 4:30pm cut off then there should be a courtesy “if you’re staying and wanting to order some dinner that you will need to do so by 4:30”. Funnily enough when we asked if she could enquire with he kitchen if it was possible for him to get just a light meal she responded that she couldn’t as she was due to go on her dinner break -ha! Looks like Adam is having Maccas!

After everyone had left we asked if we could please have a roll away bed for Adam so that we could try and get some rest. ( The first night post C Section I was in a single bed with a catheter in).

We were told that his bed would be in the hallway and he needs to bring it in and set it up without assistance. The position where he was told to put it would have meant that the midwife would have had to have stepped over him during the night so he put it under the window and needed to move my bed and Alessia’s crib to fit it.

Now you might think that these things are petty, but these “little” things just kept happening!

Due to being doped up on pain relief I don’t remember what time we went to bed but around 2-3am I woke to a splatter in Alessia’s crib after she sneezed. Lots of gunk had come out of her lungs/mouth so I pressed the call button to get the midwives help as it needed to be cleaned as it was all over the side of her crib as well as her linen and swaddle wrap.

When the midwife started she told us that if we needed assistance we were to call her mobile/cordless phone from our room phone and avoid using the call button. Due to it being the middle of the night when this happened I instinctively called out to Adam to wake and help and hit the call button. When the midwife walked in, rather than ask what we needed assistance with she said “I told you to call my phone if you need me!”

I almost threw the bloody phone at her head! My baby was 12 hours old, has just spluttered black shit from her lungs and this stupid woman is gonna tell me off for not calling her phone?!?!? Turns out the nursing staff/midwives are rated on their response rate however this is avoided when using the cordless.

The following morning we met a lovely midwife , she helped me up to the loo and then requested I have a shower. I felt great so Adam helped me shower. We mentioned our disappointment with the staff from the afternoon/night before and she passed it on.

As I was mobile and felt ok we were moved two doors down into a bigger room with a bigger bed. A lady who advised she was in charge came to discuss our concerns with Adam not being able to order dinner the night before. I was shocked when she wouldn’t even look at me and rather focused on my electronic chart. She simply stated ” dad doesn’t normally eat on the first night!” WTF! They don’t eat?!? Ok Then!

The midwives continued to come in and give me medication despite me expressing to them that I felt ok and am not one to normally take pain relief. I was given a concoction of Endone,Tramadol,Panadol & Voltaren. As I was demand breastfeeding (still am) they would ask to see how I was going when feeding so I would breastfeed Alessia with them present and take on board their advice. Thankfully my milk came in on the morning after delivery. I knew it had come in and told the afternoon midwife. She wanted to check to be sure and it squirted her in the face ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ – serves you right for doubting me!

I was seeing a haematologist in pregnancy due to my blood condition and was prescribed blood thinning injections-Fondiparinux to take for 2-3 weeks due to developing an allergy to Clexane. Each 6 days it cost me $140! I had filled my script and taken the medication in with me. On night one the midwife took the medication from me and advised she would store it in the drug store.

On Tuesday night I was so exhausted having been up every 2 hours feeding so come 8:00pm I was ready for bed. I had been told to take the blood thinner at the same time each day and as it had been administered at 8pm on Monday I requested that I get my injection at 8pm so that I could get some much needed sleep.

The midwife came in with another nurse and grabbed my wrist to check what I was allergic to before giving me pain relief – I advised them that I didn’t want pain relief as I felt fine but would appreciate them getting my blood thinner so that I can get some rest.

They advised me that the meds have already been dispensed so I needed to take them. They also mentioned that they were having difficulty locating my blood thinner but as soon as they locate it they will bring it in and administer it. I just wanted to sleep and was so disappointed that this was happening.

I had been told by several midwives throughout the day that they normally have 6 patients each and currently had 9-12! Ummmm not my problem! My Private Health Fund is paying $8220 for my 5 day stay….. get more staff!

The combo of medication they were giving to me made me feel like I was off my head and I was falling asleep constantly during the day. I kept advising the midwives that I did not want them. It got to a point Wednesday that I just refused to take them. I was sick of being drugged, I was sick of falling asleep on my guests. I made the midwife leave the medication and advised that I would not be taking them unless needed. That was 5pm Wednesday (50 hours post op) and I haven’t taken any pain relief since. Not even a panadol! I told you I felt ok lol.

Wednesday morning Alessia had her hearing test and passed without issue. The lady that conducted the test was lovely.

href=”https://blogofahappywife.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/img_6191.png”> Hearing test – passed [/

When the midwife was bathing Alessia on Wednesday afternoon, Alessia turned her head and put her nose under the water which allowed her to inhale water and choke. The midwife scooped her out of the bath and when Alessia finally regained her breath and started crying the midwife made remark “due for another breastfeed are you?” …. ummm she just choked on water. Pretty sure that’s why she is screaming!!

I stressed to the midwife from about 5pm that my blood thinner is due at 8pm. I think i mentioned it twelve times. I just didn’t want it to be late again.

Sure enough, 8pm arrives and no blood thinner. I called the midwife on her cordless phone and was advised they’re having difficulty locating it….. again!!! Around 30 mins later they stroll in to give it to me. Not acceptable!

Thursday morning at 7:15am we had a new midwife come in with a student nurse from ACU and asked if it was ok if the student was present – everyone has to learn so we agreed. Adam bought it to my attention that one of them stunk of cigarettes. This didn’t sit well with me. Especially since this is a maternity ward and you’re dealing with babies.

They weighed Alessia and she had gone from 3.16kg at birth to 2.95kg . Length was deemed to be 49cm however when we measured her she was 51cm (later measured as 53cm by health nurse using a proper measure and not a tape). Alessia has screamed due to being naked for her weigh in so when the student midwife went to take her heart rate she was unable to get the reading. The trained midwife discussed with the student that you cannot take a heart rate when the baby is crying. I thought nothing of it at the time but later glanced at Alessia’s chart when I noticed her heart rate had been recorded for 7:30am! And midnight….. how on earth did the overnight nurse check Alessia’s heart rate if she didn’t go anywhere near her?

I was sooooo angry! They were making up Observations of my baby – not acceptable and frankly it’s unethical!

href=”https://blogofahappywife.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/img_6192.png”> Final hospital weigh in [/

Later than morning I was laying down on my tummy (yes, I felt that good post op!) when a lady entered and advised that she was calling to offer for us to be moved to The Park Hyatt Hotel. We took one look at each other and said “if we are well enough to go to a hotel then we are going to go home!” We were told that we would need my Obstetrician to give the approval but couldn’t foresee an issue. The hospital would send us a $200 gift card for going home early. (They still get the full $8220 from Medibank so are grateful if we leave early and don’t go to Park Hyatt as they save money)

After what felt like an eternity, Dr Sgroi came and gave me the all ok to go home. Alessia had already been seen by the Paediatrician that morning and was deemed perfectly healthy. After removing the gause from my wound and giving me some booklets to take home we were sent on our way. Made to make our own way to the car, they didn’t even check that we had a car seat installed! Get me out of here now!!!

It was such a relief to get Alessia home! I finally felt like a mum. I hated being in hospital and so did Adam. We were starting to get a bit of Cabin Fever!

href=”https://blogofahappywife.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/img_6194.png”> Home Sweet Home [/

I emailed my concerns to The Epworth Freemasons and had my Ob & Hospital Staff member call me to apologise. I was then contacted by the hospitals Patient Liason Administrator. That phone call was a complete waste of time! She made an excuse for every single thing! And advised that they spoke to the midwife about the obs and they distinctly remember taking them……. hmm! So my word against theirs.

I am grateful that my new Ob Dr Joseph Sgroi delivers at Frances Perry House & St Vincent’s too. As one thing is for sure, I will never stay at Epworth Freemasons again!!!!

I would go back to the DPU in the event I require another laparoscopy however I made it very clear to my Ob that I refuse to go back to the ward of their maternity unit. The thought of it makes me angry.

I felt like I was fed and drugged the whole time we were there. I appreciate that it was a busy time of year but get more staff! The nursery was so full that we weren’t even allowed to walk in there!

I hope that no one else has to experience such a shitty stay there but made the official complaint and decided to blog about it to share our experience so that they make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I know some of my points may seem petty but it wasn’t just the fact that I wasn’t allowed to have a drink of water, it was the tone in which I was spoken to. I understand that their focus is on me and my baby but if you’re allowing the husbands to stay then at least tell people if they want to eat they need to order by 4:30. I registered with Epworth Freemasons in July 2016 so they had plenty of notice that we were coming….

anyway I’ll wrap this one up here as I’m mindful that it’s a long one. I simply wanted to share this with you all as I was so disappointed with my stay that I felt I needed to share it.

I’d love to hear about others experiences with them..

I do want to mention that we had a positive experience in delivery room. Recovery downstairs as well as with our Obstetrician – Joe even gave us a beautiful gift and his receptionist came upstairs for cuddles after work on Monday! Our paediatrician was also lovely!

Epworth Freemasons Maternity – Never Again!ย 

My Delivery Experienceย 

It feels like forever ago now. Yet only 7 weeks ago we were anxiously awaiting our delivery date. 

My late Obstetrician had scheduled me for a C-Section on Monday 19th December 2016 & 1:30pm. Whilst it was deemed to be an “elective cesarean” I was not given an option due to a genetic blood condition – I carry the prothrombin gene which puts me at a significantly elevated risk of clotting so was advised a cesarean was the safest option for delivery. 

The morning of delivery we woke up and showered, I washed my hair and put on some light make up. We were due to be at the hospital at 12pm for admission. We spent an hour or so with my nephew and soaked in his giggly smiles to take our mind off the wait. 

It didn’t feel real that we were even having a baby let alone having a baby that day! When you try and try and try to conceive and then it finally happens, it never feels true. As much as I loved being pregnant I have to admit I was shitting myself the entire time as I was so scared that something would go wrong. I am not an anxious person but I have to say I became one on December 19! 

It all felt like a bit of a blur…. 

We arrived at the Day Procedure Unit (DPU) of Epworth Freemasons at midday and signed the necessary paperwork for my Private Health Insurance. We then sat in the waiting room waiting to be taken into Theatre Prep. This is an area I am familiar with having been there three times before when having laparoscopic surgery in July 2012, December 2014 and April 2016.

Everyone in the DPU were so lovely. 

We were sat in a cubicle where we were asked to change into gown/scrubs and once ready we met our anaesthetist and midwife. Our Midwife Mary was such a beautiful lady, she explained that we would see Dr Sgroi, Dr Don Byrne & Paedeatrician Dr Danielle Freeman in theatre. Everything and Everyone was on time which meant it was a countdown until 1:30pm. I don’t remember much about our conversations other than “she is almost here!” , my eyes filled with tears as I realised that this is it – we are about to become parents. 

Snapchat sent to my cousins
About to become a dad selfie
The bump
Enjoying the last kicks of pregnancy

At around 1:25pm they came and told us they were ready for me. Adam was directed to wait in the waiting area whilst they prepped me. Once I was numb and on the bed with sheet up they would call him in ready to begin. 

I was so scared of the spinal block. I have no idea why as I am fine with needles and have now had 7 surgeries in 4.5 years. The anaesthetist tech held me tight as the anaesthesist administered the spinal block. Such an odd feeling – a tad painful but then weird to feel your body go warm and numb. I was numb from boob to toes and it was very surreal to see them lifting my legs onthe bed and not being able to help them. You’re desperately trying to move your body to help and nothing works. 

It felt like an eternity before she was out. Then at 1:56pm – I heard the most beautiful music , my newborn babies cry! 

I just started to cry as I knew at that moment that my baby was ok, she was here and she was perfect! Our little Alessia had entered the world ๐Ÿ˜

She was shown to us then taken straight to the Paediatrician where she wa cleaned up and given her first injections. 

Little Alessia

Once she was all wrapped up she was placed on my chest , a moment I will never forget – I now truly understand the meaning of love at first sight! 

First Family Selfie
She’s perfect!

After a quick cuddle Alessia was placed in the safety of her daddy’s arms for beautiful cuddles whilst Dr Sgroi & Dr Byrne stitched me up. 

Around 25-30 mins later I was wheeled into a private recovery area where Adam was sitting with Alessia, it was the most beautiful sight to see my husband absolutely smitten by his baby girl. Telling her how much he loved her already. 

Alessia was then stripped off and placed onto my naked chest for skin to skin contact and to establish breastfeeding. I was very fortunate that Alessia latched immediately. (She continues to be exclusively breastfed ) 

Midwife Mary helping me establish Breastfeeding

Shortly later we were moved to the ward where our families were anxiously waiting. They were all extremely besotted by her and couldn’t wait for cuddles. 

Proud Nonna
My mum just so in love with her
That precious little face

We had our immediate family, our besties and my mums best friend visit us on the first day. I have no idea what time everyone left as I was a) on cloud 9, b) slightly in pain c) exhausted due to not sleeping well the few nights leading up to delivery. 

Our Little Miss Angelucci was finally in the world and we couldn’t be happier! 

I’ll wrap this post up here as I plan to write about my experience at Epworth Freemasons tomorrow if I get a chance. Unfortunately it wasn’t a pleasant experience but I will elaborate for you all soon enough. 

Back to sleepy cuddles with my girl ๐Ÿ˜˜

My Delivery Experienceย 

6 weeks of Parenthood

Today we waved Adam off as he left for his first day back at work. It has been an absolutely blessing having him home for the last 6 weeks. The bond he has began to form with Alessia during this time is beautiful. She will never be this little again so I am grateful he was able to spend precious time with us. 

Daddy heading back to work today

Alessia is now 6 weeks old ๐Ÿ™ˆ! Where on earth did that time go? Our little girl is now a chubba bubba and I absolutely love her. She is growing so much and it makes me so proud to see her blossom and know we are doing a great job. 

It’s reassuring that my milk is enough to nourish her. My boobs have thankfully healed and breastfeeding is now a breeze. We are introducing a bottle of formula at night so that Adam can share the feeding bond with her.

Bottle time
Alessia likes the taste of formula and will drink it without fuss but is still mastering the sucking technique to prevent wearing more than she consumes but we are persevering as she slept for 6 hours straight after the last bottle ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ! It did however appear to upset her tummy a little bit so before the next one we will be buying a tin of ‘Nan COMFORT’ which we have heard is better on little tummies. 

I plan to breastfeed for as long as she wants it but like the idea of her taking a bottle so that I can attend appointments and having the occasional date night without worrying that she is hungry or upset. Plus it allows Adam to have a special moment with her.

Today was my 6 week check up with my Obstetrician Dr Joseph Sgroi , I have healed well and my scar is very neat, straight and small ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

My weight continues to drop which is nice as your body changes so much when you grow a baby so it’s nice to be able to feel good in clothes despite the new lumps and bumps. I have been wearing SRC recovery shorts since day 2 and have found them a huge help in keeping my body supported. They keep everything in place. I completed a survey which resulted in me receiving another pair of recovery shorts. The size I had purchased were a tad too big as they’re designed to be skin tight, after losing more than 10kg on a few weeks I needed the next size down so the smaller pair came at a perfect time and will keep me supported for weeks to come. 

I am starting to eat a lot better and walk lots as well as drink plenty of water, I’m mindful that Alessia is nourished by me so I need to ensure I’m putting good stuff in. 

6 weeks post partum
SRC Recovery Shorts
Excuse the granny panties

My first day alone has been surprisingly productive, Alessia is very tired today as she is entering her First Leap , she has slept lots today which meant I was able to clean the entire house ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ , update photo albums , eat a meal and do a load of washing. As well as write a blog post! 

I am loving singing to her, having chats on the couch and planting soft kisses on her head and just soaking her in. 

Alessia is mastering tummy time and is super alert! 

Big Blue Eyes ๐Ÿ‘€

The last 3 nights have been incredibly difficult as Alessia has been so unsettled as she prepares the enter her First Leap. From 7pm-Midnight she would cluster feed, be clingy and just scream for no reason. It was absolutely heartbreaking to  not be able to settle her. I am thankful that popping her on the boob calmed her down almost every time however there were times when she just didn’t know what she wanted and cried hysterically. She definitely broke our hearts and I am grateful that tonight she is sleeping and not screaming. 

Modern technology like apps have been a huge help – my cousin suggested I download the app Wonder Weeks and its extremely helpful. I refuse to google as I dont want to be that mum that diagnoses my baby with bullshit rather than seeking a professional opinion. 

Alessia will be visiting our GP on Monday for her 6 week immunisations and a general check up. Unfortunately he was unavailable this week but the Maternal Health Nurse has reassured me that it’s perfectly safe to wait until she is 7 weeks to get her needles. 

I am trying to psych myself up for them as I know she is going to scream in pain and as much as I don’t want to witness that I know I need to be strong as we will also learn her “I’m in pain” cry. 

Alessia is a very calm and content baby and it truly is a pleasure to be her mum. Even though she is almost always a happy baby, she has definitely had her moments where I want to cry with frustration due to not knowing what is wrong but we are always able to work it out – sometimes soon, sometimes after what feels like an eternity. 

In the last 6 weeks we have visited King Lake, Portarlington as well as Rochester & Echuca. Day trips have been nice to get away from the city and begin taking Alessia on “family adventures”. 

Portarlington Mussel Festival

We have filled our days with lunch dates, walks to the Park, shopping and visiting friends and family.

To say that we are so in love with her would be a huge understatement. We are just obsessed with this tiny human.

Alessia is now in Infant Size nappies (4-8kg) as we started to get lots of poo explosions as the newborn nappies didn’t seem to cover her back enough. 

Shit down to her knee ๐Ÿ˜ท

Shit everywhere means lots of baths! Thankfully Alessia loves loves loves the bath. Adam loves bathing her and watching her smile as she swishes in the warm water. 

Loves the bath

Alessia’s skin has been quite dry lately so we put some olive oil in her bath water (recommended by health nurse) and her skin is now silky smooth ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

Mothers group/ Playgroup begins in around  4 weeks, I am looking forward to sharing experiences and learning lots. 

Little Miss is starting to wake up from a sleep and I am sticking to my rule of limiting phone use when she is awake as she deserves my full attention so I will wrap this post up here, sorry for it being a bit all over the place as things start to come to me as I begin writing so I just shot them in ๐Ÿ˜‚ #blamebabybrain 

I will write my delivery and hospital experiences before the end of the week hopefully as I am keen to write about them. 

If there is anything you want me to specifically share then please feel free to let me know and I will try and get it done. 

Thanks for reading and continuing to follow and support our journey. 

6 weeks of Parenthood