Clothes & Comparisons

How can someone so little have so much stuff? ๐Ÿ™ˆ Every single day we are getting gifts – we are so grateful but my god we are running out of room! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Sooooo many clothes! Alessia has a better  (and bigger) wardrobe than both of us. I wish she would hurry up and pork up a bit more so that she can start wearing some of it. So far she is still in 00000 and a small amount of 0000 – Pure Baby & Marquise tend to be smaller sizes so she is alternating between around 6 outfits at the moment, 3 of which we had to go out and buy (00000) from Target just so that she had a small amount of variety. 

We had the Maternal Health Nurse visit us at home on Tuesday, she was lovely! Very friendly and supportive, she weighed Alessia and advised us that our baby girl was growing beautifully – having gained 485g in just 12 days! This is very reassuring for a breastfeeding mumma, I had been so worried that she might not be getting enough but definitely reassured by the result and confident that she will continue to grow and thrive. 

Today, despite the heat (38c) I decided to clean our house. With Little Miss sleeping the day away I figured I may as well make the most of it, housework has been the last thing on my mind since her arrival but seeing dust and stuff lying around was giving me a twitch so a quick dust, wipe down of bathroom and toilet, clean of the floors and mop has made my house look a million times better and make this mumma feel better knowing it’s now clean, making it a lot easier to just do a quick tidy when we start getting our expected visitors next week. 

Not phased by the heat

With gifts of clothes comes sooooo much washing!! I like to wash everything before I wear it so there is no way I would allow Alessia to wear something that hasn’t been washed yet. Especially since she will put her hands in her mouth and occasionally suck on her arm when telling me she is hungry. I thought I did a lot of washing before baby… Ohh how wrong I was! Everyday I do a load of washing, sometimes two. Whether it be clothes, Towels or sheets. We are constantly washing, hanging and folding clothes. Thankfully we have had some great weather for drying clothes lately. I hang our stuff outside but Alessia’s stuff stays inside on the clothes rack to dry as I am worried mozzies and dust etc will go on her clothes. 

Alessia is lifting her head which is a great sign of development but I wish she would wait as I want her to stay little forever. She is quite the wriggler and when placed on her mat will roll over onto her side or skooch all the way down to the end ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Started on her back, rolled onto her side ๐Ÿ™Š

I love her skin, so soft and beautiful, I am obsessed with kissing her little hands and feet and will always kiss her tummy when changing her. 

Alessia loves cuddles when she is awake but is quite content when sleeping to be left alone to rest. She is happy to sleep in arms however will often wriggle prompting whoever is holding her to put her down. Her favourite snuggle spot is under mum and dads chins when on our chests. 

We have lots of visitors in the next few days. Alessia is meeting a few of my mums friends tomorrow afternoon which they’re all very excited about. We also have a few people coming to our house next week for first cuddles and catch ups. We have been documenting everyone’s first cuddles with a Polaroid and putting them in an album for her to look through when she is older. We have also made a point of printing the photos from our phones and putting them in an album, I find that in this day and age with digital images we tend not to print photos anymore. I would hate for Alessia not to have photo albums of her childhood and so we are making sure we create them for her to cherish when she is older, so she has the opportunity to look back, the same way we love looking through photos of us as babies/kids. 

Well before I fell pregnant I bought a gorgeous Baby Journal from Write to Me Stationery. It is to capture The First Five Years of Alessia’s progress. From pregnancy, baby shower, baptism, information about grandparents, cousins etc as well as information about the Year she was born. Such a gorgeous keepsake to look back through in years to come. 

We hope Alessia loves her keepsakes as much as we do, when she is old enough to appreciate them we will be sure to give them to her. She will be able to show her own kids / grandkids one day. 

Shakiera (left) Adam (right) aged 4/5 months

Everyone keeps saying to me “she is all you” and I have to agree! Looking through our baby photos it’s evident that Alessia has a lot of my baby features, I also see a lot of her dad though too (not necessarily in the image I have used in this post). I will endeavour to compare our baby photos better in the coming weeks and try and recreate our baby photos in terms of poses and positions etc. 

Shakiera as a baby

Time to wrap up this post as my Little Miss is about to wake up for her next feed. 

Watch this space, more posts to come in the next week or so. 

Clothes & Comparisons

One thought on “Clothes & Comparisons

  1. sewingbutterfly says:

    I know! I want my baby to stay little just a bit longer. I had to pack away his newborn sized cloth nappies as he was out-wetting them, had a teary moment. Even though he is only 6 weeks old on a few days he looks so big to me!

    At least with a boy, people don’t buy as many clothes, so my son wears mostly bonds zippy suits or pumpkin patch stuff from grandma. Although in this heat he has just had on one of his cloth nappies and nothing else.

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