Soaking it all in

It’s a little after 10:30pm, I just had a shower to freshen up before bed, is there anything better than feeling fresh and hopping into fresh sheets? 

As I sat watching sex and the city I decided to write a short blog as Adam has fallen asleep after a big day, allowing me to enjoy a 3 hour nap this afternoon, cleaning up the house and doing the washing 🙌🏼 – Thank You Husband! I appreciate everything you do my love.

As my two favourite people in this world, my husband and my daughter lay peacefully sleeping in the lounge, I couldn’t help but stare at the two of them and soak in this moment. To remember how lucky I am to share my world with them, to care for them, love them and have them love me back. 

Alessia loves her sleep and is so snuggly so I decided to pick her up and have sleepy cuddles with her as I write this. Planting soft kisses on her hands and head between sentences. Our baby girl is almost a month old and growing so fast that I make sure I treasure every cuddle, every little milestone. I made a decision before she was born that whilst Alessia is awake, I will not use my phone for anything other than important calls / text. No social media (except a quick snapchat) as I don’t want to ignore my baby for my phone. I don’t want Alessia to grow up thinking that it’s acceptable to put technology before interactions with those around us. 

My blog buddy tonight

Alessia is starting to smile and reach little milestones , it’s so amazing to watch her grow and develop each and every day. 

Our little pork chop is growing so much! Last week we visited the maternal health nurse, Alessia is gaining weight like a trooper, at her last weigh in she had gained 420g in just 8 days 🙊, we are visiting again next week and will no doubt see another big jump in growth. Alessia was measured in the hospital as 49cm long however the maternal health nurse advised she is actually 53cm long and will be tall as a teen/adult. 

We have booked Playgroup which starts in March, very excited to meet other mums with bubs of a similar age and share our experiences and meet new people. 

Adam is home from work for another 2 weeks and we are planning some day trips to make the most of this time together. In the last month we have mostly just been to our parents houses and shopping centres but also visited King Lake & Portarlington (Mussel Festival) 

Portarlington on the weekend

I love having Adam home from work and will definitely miss him when he goes back in a few weeks, I know how lucky we are that he was able to take 6 weeks off and allow him to not only enjoy his newborn daughter but also rest during Alessia’s newborn stage. 

Alessia is a great baby, so content and calm. The only hard part is the broken sleep (3-4 hours). We are adjusting and coping well with naps every few days to do a little catch up. Nothing prepares you for how tired you will be! Nothing! 

I’ll post more soon about adjusting to Motherhood and I’ll eventually get around to our delivery experience in the coming weeks. 

My priorities are our baby and my husband, my blog (and the housework) can wait. We have a beautiful relationship and are keeping the spark alive by making time for us. We might be ‘Mum & Dad’ now but we were a couple well before we were parents…. we are a team and always will be, I see so many women neglect their relationship when they have kids and I always promised myself and Adam that I wouldn’t let that happen to us. Anyway, that’s a whole other post lol 

I’m gonna leave this one here and soak up cuddles with my baby girl and smell her beautiful head. She will wake soon for a feed then we will all go to bed and prepare for another day.

Here are a few images of our baby girl 

Soaking it all in

Clothes & Comparisons

How can someone so little have so much stuff? 🙈 Every single day we are getting gifts – we are so grateful but my god we are running out of room! 😂

Sooooo many clothes! Alessia has a better  (and bigger) wardrobe than both of us. I wish she would hurry up and pork up a bit more so that she can start wearing some of it. So far she is still in 00000 and a small amount of 0000 – Pure Baby & Marquise tend to be smaller sizes so she is alternating between around 6 outfits at the moment, 3 of which we had to go out and buy (00000) from Target just so that she had a small amount of variety. 

We had the Maternal Health Nurse visit us at home on Tuesday, she was lovely! Very friendly and supportive, she weighed Alessia and advised us that our baby girl was growing beautifully – having gained 485g in just 12 days! This is very reassuring for a breastfeeding mumma, I had been so worried that she might not be getting enough but definitely reassured by the result and confident that she will continue to grow and thrive. 

Today, despite the heat (38c) I decided to clean our house. With Little Miss sleeping the day away I figured I may as well make the most of it, housework has been the last thing on my mind since her arrival but seeing dust and stuff lying around was giving me a twitch so a quick dust, wipe down of bathroom and toilet, clean of the floors and mop has made my house look a million times better and make this mumma feel better knowing it’s now clean, making it a lot easier to just do a quick tidy when we start getting our expected visitors next week. 

Not phased by the heat

With gifts of clothes comes sooooo much washing!! I like to wash everything before I wear it so there is no way I would allow Alessia to wear something that hasn’t been washed yet. Especially since she will put her hands in her mouth and occasionally suck on her arm when telling me she is hungry. I thought I did a lot of washing before baby… Ohh how wrong I was! Everyday I do a load of washing, sometimes two. Whether it be clothes, Towels or sheets. We are constantly washing, hanging and folding clothes. Thankfully we have had some great weather for drying clothes lately. I hang our stuff outside but Alessia’s stuff stays inside on the clothes rack to dry as I am worried mozzies and dust etc will go on her clothes. 

Alessia is lifting her head which is a great sign of development but I wish she would wait as I want her to stay little forever. She is quite the wriggler and when placed on her mat will roll over onto her side or skooch all the way down to the end 🙈

Started on her back, rolled onto her side 🙊

I love her skin, so soft and beautiful, I am obsessed with kissing her little hands and feet and will always kiss her tummy when changing her. 

Alessia loves cuddles when she is awake but is quite content when sleeping to be left alone to rest. She is happy to sleep in arms however will often wriggle prompting whoever is holding her to put her down. Her favourite snuggle spot is under mum and dads chins when on our chests. 

We have lots of visitors in the next few days. Alessia is meeting a few of my mums friends tomorrow afternoon which they’re all very excited about. We also have a few people coming to our house next week for first cuddles and catch ups. We have been documenting everyone’s first cuddles with a Polaroid and putting them in an album for her to look through when she is older. We have also made a point of printing the photos from our phones and putting them in an album, I find that in this day and age with digital images we tend not to print photos anymore. I would hate for Alessia not to have photo albums of her childhood and so we are making sure we create them for her to cherish when she is older, so she has the opportunity to look back, the same way we love looking through photos of us as babies/kids. 

Well before I fell pregnant I bought a gorgeous Baby Journal from Write to Me Stationery. It is to capture The First Five Years of Alessia’s progress. From pregnancy, baby shower, baptism, information about grandparents, cousins etc as well as information about the Year she was born. Such a gorgeous keepsake to look back through in years to come. 

We hope Alessia loves her keepsakes as much as we do, when she is old enough to appreciate them we will be sure to give them to her. She will be able to show her own kids / grandkids one day. 

Shakiera (left) Adam (right) aged 4/5 months

Everyone keeps saying to me “she is all you” and I have to agree! Looking through our baby photos it’s evident that Alessia has a lot of my baby features, I also see a lot of her dad though too (not necessarily in the image I have used in this post). I will endeavour to compare our baby photos better in the coming weeks and try and recreate our baby photos in terms of poses and positions etc. 

Shakiera as a baby

Time to wrap up this post as my Little Miss is about to wake up for her next feed. 

Watch this space, more posts to come in the next week or so. 

Clothes & Comparisons

2 Weeks of Motherhood 

I cannot believe that our baby girl is 2 weeks old already! 

Parenthood is hard work but so worth it. Never in my life have I been so exhausted yet so happy to be awake every 3-4 hours. I’m not gonna lie, there have been moments when I am so tired that I just want to cry, and there are times when I could be sound asleep but choose to just sit and stare at her. 

Alessia is a good sleeper but she does have her moments, I actually think she has a bit of silent reflux and will be speaking to the maternal health nurse tomorrow about it. She has started to vomit a bit after a feed occasionally and then gets hiccups and seems squirmish. 

We seem to be in a “eat, shit, sleep & repeat” routine at the moment, it’s working well and I’ve been able to have a 90 min nap when needed in the afternoon if it’s been a rough night. 

Christmas has come and gone, it’s now a new year. 2016 – you were amazing, but I’m so excited for what 2017 holds for us. There will be so many milestones this year.

Alessia was spoilt for Christmas by both us and Santa – adding lots of wonderful toys and keepsakes to her collection 

I’m excited for Alessia to be measured and weighed tomorrow by the health nurse to see her progress. I can tell that she has gained weight as her clothes are fitting her better and she just feels heavier. As she is exclusively breastfed I was worried that she wasn’t getting enough milk but after expressing a very full (and sore) right breast yesterday and producing almost 100ml in 15 mins I am at ease knowing that my supply is exactly what my baby girl needs. We are getting lots of wet and dirty nappies which is a great sign. 

I have been eating the Pinky’s “Boobie Bikkies” which have kept my milk supply up. They’re actually delicious and work so well. After a few hours of eating them my boobs are very full! 

We had tried to add a “top up” feed of formula at night to get her used to a bottle in case I need to leave her for a feed. She doesn’t quite understand the bottle though and ends up wearing more than she consumes. I will wait until she is a little older to re-introduce the bottle, but eventually will mix feed – whether formula or just expressed milk. 

Alessia loves the pram and the car, both will make her sleepy. She tends to do a 4 hour stint after a car ride, or a walk in the pram. 

We have experienced a poo explosion and a soaked onesie due to wee leaking from her nappy. This is why the nappy bag is stocked with lots of changes of clothes and wraps etc. it was straight in the bath for Miss Alessia after both of her little “Accidents” , thankfully she loves the bath.

Alessia was 6 pound 9 ounces (3.16kg) at birth and size 0000 were big on her. We have since purchased some 00000 (Tiny Baby) onesies from Target which fit her perfectly – they have a gorgeous little range and very affordable at $8-$10 each, they wash up well and are great quality.

I have recovered very well from my c-section , I felt good starting the morning after delivery and was up early and showered with my hair and (light) make up done. By day 3 I started to wear my SRC Recovery Shorts which have been amazing! I feel like everything is held in place and I feel supported in the tummy area. I probably could have gone down a size in them but may even get the next size down and continue to wear them for more than the 6-8 week recommended period.

I’m currently 14 days post partum and have lost 10.1kg since delivery. Considering I only gained 6.8kg in pregnancy that makes me 3.3kg lighter than before I fell pregnant 🎉. Yay for weightloss, definitely a perk of breastfeeding. It’s nice to be back in my old clothes already and not have to go out and buy a new wardrobe. 

I haven’t started exercising yet beyond walking around shopping centres and a light walk with family on Christmas Eve with Alessia in the pram. I am looking forward to getting moving and enjoying some much needed sunshine.

Adam is home for another 4 weeks which I am very grateful for, having him home for the first 6 weeks will make a big difference and allow him to form a beautiful bond with his baby girl. He is a very hands on dad, he loves cuddles, bath time and helping with nappy changes. He has been cooking dinners, tidying up and helping with the cleaning around the house. A huge help! So grateful for this beautiful man. Seeing him love Alessia absolutely melts my heart, it’s so beautiful to watch him with her. He is always able to calm her down when we are changing her (she hates being naked).

On Friday 30th December we had to take Alessia to get a blood test, as I have Hashimoto’s Disease the paediatrician ordered bloods to test Alessia’s thyroid as it is a hereditary condition. Thankfully it all came back normal, it is something that we will continue to monitor over the years. The blood test (heel prick) had Alessia screaming! She was so hysterical that I started to cry seeing my baby girl so upset. Definitely not something that I want to repeat anytime soon. 

I still can’t believe that our baby girl is 2 weeks old, at this rate she will be starting school soon lol. Part of me wants her to stay this little forever, the other part of me can’t wait to watch her grow. 

I have started filling in her Baby Journal, I bought it before I fell pregnant, such a gorgeous keepsake. It captures all of her milestones with photos as well as information about the year she was born such as the price of bread and milk and the top song and movie etc. we have also created photo albums for her with printed photos as well as polaroids that we are taking of everyone’s first cuddles with her. I feel like we live in a world where we no longer print photos, I love looking at the albums of me as a baby and I hope Alessia does one day too. 

I am still trying to find the time to sit down and write about our delivery experience as well as our thoughts on Epworth Freemasons, I will try to get it done later this week hopefully. 

I will also try and do a brief update each month which will include Alessia’s sleeping patterns, weight, length, size of clothes, milestones etc 

This blog post is probably all over the shop as I am writing it whilst cuddling Alessia between bum changes and her lunchtime feed. She is currently sound asleep nestled into my chest all rugged up. She give wonderful cuddles.

We have booked tickets to go to Bali with Alessia in July 2017 for a fortnight. Soooooo excited for a little family holiday. We love Bali and can’t wait to visit our favourite places with our favourite little girl. 

The last two weeks have been the best weeks of my life. Loving spending time with my husband and our baby girl, learning lots and just enjoying each other. 

We are no longer just a couple, we are a family. A family that we hope to one day be able to extend but if we can’t then it doesn’t matter as we got our miracle baby and that’s all that matters. We are blessed to have Alessia, she is the baby we honestly thought we might never get. 

More blogs to come either later this week or next week – being mum is my number one priority so I will get them up asap. 

Apologies for this blog being so chop and change. Because I kept stopping and starting I kind of forgot what I was writing about so just changed the subject lol. Can I still blame baby brain? 

Until Next Time x 

2 Weeks of Motherhood