Introducing Alessia Lucia Angelucci 

A week ago today we welcomed our baby girl into the world 👶🏻

On Monday 19th December 2016 at 1:56pm our little bundle of joy arrived (by scheduled c-section). Weighing in at a teeny 6lb 9oz (3.16kg). 49cm long 

Alessia Lucia Angelucci 

She is just the littlest love of our lives! 

I plan to write a few posts over the coming weeks about delivery, our experience with Epworth Freemasons and my first weeks of motherhood. 

I had started writing a post earlier but as I had stopped and started all day and it deleted 😩 #mumlife 

We are loving being a little family. 

We are so lucky to have been able to celebrate Christmas 2016 with our baby girl. 

I am recovering well, we requested an early discharge and came home on Thursday 22nd December instead of Christmas Eve, I was no longer taking pain relief and the hospital had offered us to move to the Park Hyatt for the last 2 nights, we figured if we are well enough to go to a hotel we are well enough to go home.

So far, Motherhood is bliss. It’s definitely hard work and you don’t get as much sleep as you used to but when you look at that little face it makes it all worth it! 

Seeing Adam as a dad is by far the greatest view! The love he has for her just warms my heart. Hearing her say “Alessia – Papa loves you” is music to my ears. Watching him kiss her little face is my favourite thing. 

Alessia pretty much just sleep all day, poops, feeds, looks around and then sleeps again. 

So far Alessia is exclusively breastfeeding however we have purchased a tin of formula for if we feel like she needs a “top up” feed. One thing I will add here is my disbelief at how many people actually ask “are you breastfeeding?” – yes I am but what would they say if I said no? I have always been of the belief that ‘fed is best’ and won’t hesitate to switch her to formula if that’s what is best for her. 

She had a night (Friday) where she wouldn’t sleep in her bassinet and just wanted to be held. She has been sleeping well every other day/night so it’s not concerning me in the slightest. Plus – I love the extra cuddles. 

We are loving our new roles as ‘mum’ & ‘dad’, we waited so long for her to enter the world, it still seems so surreal. But we just can’t imagine our lives without her. 

I will try and get another blog done in the next few days but I make no promises as I am finding myself spending hours on end just staring at our baby girl. 

Little Miss Angelucci is finally here! It has been quite a journey to get to this point. Thank you so much for following. 

I will continue to share Alessia’s updates and milestones in the coming weeks, as well as my experience with c section and Epworth Freemasons. 

Until Next Time x 

Introducing Alessia Lucia Angelucci 

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