I finished work over 2 weeks ago, taking days in lieu for the first two weeks with my official maternity leave starting on Wednesday December 1st 2016. 

The first week went quickly as I had baby shower prep, then the baby shower, then putting away all the amazing gifts and washing all the clothes we received. 

Adam and I then began “nesting” together. We organised the Linen press, pots and pans, plate cupboard, laundry and packed bubs bag. I will point out that Adam was more excited to organise than I was! He has been wanting to sort out my kitchen cupboards for months. 

Little Miss Angelucci’s hospital bag is packed, so are our toiletries. I am yet to pack my side of the suitcase but I have in mind what I will be bringing, I really should just get it done, just in case! 

I am 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Time is flying by now. Our baby girl will arrive within the next 3 weeks 🙊! 

Today I tackled my pantry, throwing out soooooo much food 😔 a lot of which was best before 2015 🙈, shows how long it has been since I organised it. I have also prepped some freezer meals for the first 6 weeks at home. 

Yesterday I began Christmas baking, making Adam his favourite- Gingerbread! 

My laundry cupboard is stocked to the high heavens with 45kg of Cold Power, 18 bottles of Cuddly Sensitive Fabric Softener, 15 boxes of tissues & 20L of Purity Sensitive Baby Wash for bubs clothes and sheets. 

I know it seems excessive but I bought everything on sale, it doesn’t go off, I can’t carry these things when I have a newborn and I hate running out of the essentials. I always have at least 3 bottles of dishwashing liquid and heaps of sponges under the sink. I like to buy everyday items in bulk and save money. I now refuse to pay full price for cleaning products, especially since I know I can get them so much cheaper if I wait and shop well. 

We have also stocked our Baby Change Station with around 350 nappies and 30 packets of baby wipes, things we definitely don’t want to run out of! 

I have taken my Maternity Leave at half pay and it will take a bit of getting used to having such a reduced income but it’s enough to cover our expenses and means i will be paid (work & government) through until October 2017. It’s because I’m going to be receiving half pay that I wanted to make sure I was smart about shopping and stocking up on essentials. This way we won’t ever run out of nappies and washing stuff. Meaning I won’t be forced to pay full price for them on a mad dash to Coles. 

Our bench has been cleared and our steriliser and bottle warmer have replaced our microwave for now. I am hoping that I can breastfeed, however I’m not going to stress if I can’t and believe that “fed is best” when it comes to Bub. We have bottles ready to go if she doesn’t take the boob. My milk has already started to come in which is a great sign! 

I have received my delivery of “Pinky’s” Boobie Bikkies to help boost my supply from delivery.

 Adam is wanting to mix feed little Miss so that he can help with feeding, so she will have a bottle too even if she is breastfed, whether that be expressed milk or formula – we haven’t decided and will see what happens when she is here. 

The next few weeks are likely going to drive me crazy as I wait for her delivery date. Especially now that the house is organised and we are ready for her arrival. I am finding that I’m cleaning the house just because I have nothing else to do! I’m avoiding the shops as I know I will just buy a heap of stuff I don’t need!

The countdown is well and truly on now. We are so excited! 

My haematologist has found a blood thinner I can take post op without it causing an allergic reaction (hopefully), I will need to take it for 4 weeks, and wear compression socks when I’m home. 

I have ordered SRC Recovery Shorts and packed them in my Hospital bag, I have read wonderful things about them and especially due to my prothrombin blood issue they will assist medically as well as physically hopefully. My Ob and haematologist are all for me wearing them for the recommended 8-10 weeks. 

Dr Sgroi – my new Ob is monitoring my blood pressure and Biliruben levels which have been slightly elevated for the last month. We have just 2 more Ob appointments between now and delivery. I will be seeing my GP as well to have him check my blood pressure between Ob appointments. 

I have been so lucky to have had a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy, my Morning Sickness has been gone for a month now which is a huge relief. Bubs is moving around so much lately, rolling around in there. I am managing to sleep well which has been great. 

So between now and delivery the plan is to sleep, nap, watch countless episodes of trash tv on Foxtel and enjoy our last few weeks as a couple before little Miss makes her arrival. 

Thankfully putting my feet up has allowed the fluid to subside and my cankles to disappear! 

Until next time! 


3 thoughts on “NESTING

  1. You are way more organised than I as so well done! My little one came out smaller than expected so all the clothes I had were way too big. Lucky I had my parents to go do a quick shopping stint. Now you need to relax as best you can, you will need the rest. And enjoy the experience. It is wonderful.

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  2. sewingbutterfly says:

    How exciting!! You are all ready for baby 🙂 I did the same, stocked up on laundry powder etc when it was on sale. We have a special cupboard for that sort of thing. Seriously the best feeling ever to come home to a house stocked with essentials.

    I have to wear compression socks etc as I had a caesarean and had clexane injections in the hospital. The hospital also gave me a stretchy binder type thing to wear which has been fab. The only thing the physio warned me of with the shorts is to make sure you have control of your pelvic floor before wearing them as they aren’t the most convenient to take on and off for the bathroom. I was fine after my catheter was removed but I know other ladies struggled with bladder control.

    Looking forward to seeing your birth story and little miss’ arrival! My son is nearly a week old now and it goes soooo fast!!

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