Yesterday we celebrated my baby shower, it was such an amazing day. I had a beautiful afternoon surrounded by family and friends. 

We had around 65 women attend the day to celebrate with me. Safe to say our Little Miss was spoilt rotten! 

I actually forgot to take a photo of the gift table but I was worried that it was going to collapse it was that full… 

There wasn’t really a theme except for ‘All Pink Everything’ , lots of pink, flowers and girly touches to the day. 

Complete with a pink candy bar, pink cookies, cupcakes and macarons, personalised napkins, water bottles,chocolates and lolly bags. 

I love event planning and was certainly in my element co-planning the day with my mum. 

Special shout out to my amazing Mum Sue, Stepdad Glen , my cousin Megan, Aunty Linda & Mother in Law Cathy for making the day possible.

The shower was held at my in laws house as they have the perfect party space. We decorated the area with pink and white. It started at 1pm and so we catered lunch for everyone, platters of assorted rolls, dips, cheeses, fruit, vegetable sticks, quiches and party pies/sausage rolls etc. 

The dessert/candy bar table all went between attending guests and take home treats. 

I had seen on Pinterest months ago the little champagne bottle favours and just had to have them! My mum bought me 3 slabs of 200ml pink minchinbury champagne bottles and I ordered the tags on etsy. 

The tags read: 

“Little Miss Angelucci is coming, the time is near…. When you get the big news, open your bottle and send a cheer!” 

All of my guests took a bottle home and were asked to toast our baby girl on news of her arrival. I am hoping to see some selfies posted when the time comes. 

It was 31 degrees in Melbourne yesterday and as it was the first real hot day of the season it made it so much worse as we just weren’t used to the heat. Everyone still seemed to have a nice afternoon and catch up. 

I had ordered my dress from ASOS Maternity and absolutely loved it! I felt beautiful wearing it. I had my make up professionally done and wore a flower crown to make the look extra girly! 

There were some games played which were hilarious! I thought I was going to go into early labour seeing my cousin with a pair of depends undies over her dress! 

I love that everyone got involved!

I opened my gifts a little late as I was so busy trying to chat to everyone and mingle. I am absolutely blown away by everyone’s generosity. Too many gifts to name, Little Miss is soooooo spoilt! Our lounge room floor was covered last night and it took us 3 hours this morning just to sort through them and work out where they will live. Thank You!!! 

I am very much looking forward to reading through the “Wishes for Baby & Advice Cards” later this week. I know there will be tears so I’m preparing myself for it.

I had a Polaroid camera set up with a guest book and I am so glad I did as we captured some beautiful photos, so many kind words. I truly do have an amazing sisterhood of women around me. 

I could go on and on about how fabulous my day was but I’ll end it here, with a massive Thank You to everyone that attended. We truly are so grateful to have you all in our lives. 

The countdown is well and truly on now! 

Lots of Love 

Adam & Shakiera xx 


33 Weeks

Today I am 33 Weeks Pregnant, wow has time flown! It feels like yesterday that we announced and that was 5 months ago! 

We are definitely at the pointy end. I finish work next week – so excited to rest and nest. How awesome is Maternity Leave?!? I have decided to take mine at half pay which means I’ll get 44 weeks of payments between my employer and the Government Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

My baby shower is being held next weekend- very much looking forward to getting all the girls together and celebrating Little Miss Angelucci! We have approximately 70 women attending. It should be a wonderful afternoon! I’ll be sure to do a blog post and share lots of photos.

I keep telling Adam that it’s getting “harder to function” lately. Simple tasks are now difficult. Rolling out of bed to pee during the night is harder than it should be. If something drops on the floor – sometimes it stays there…. 

I seem to be puffed out just walking from the lounge to the bedroom. 

I’ve experienced some Braxton Hicks this week – ouch! And my boobs have started to leak colostrum! We have spoken to our new Ob and will be saving and freezing the colostrum once I start producing enough to make it worthwhile keeping. 

My Morning Sickness finally stopped! Woo Hoo! It has been gone for a week now but I didn’t want to jinx it and say anything until I knew it was gone gone. It might come back but for now I am enjoying waking up and not needing to make a mad dash to the bathroom! 

I feel like I’ve developed the pregnancy waddle when walking. My feet and hands have started to swell. Ohh the Joys! 

Our Little Miss is quite the wriggler! A very active baby. She kicks away and rolls around in there.

My daily routine involves lathering my belly after my shower in Belly Butter & Oils to help keep the skin hydrated. 

We had our 32 week scan on Monday and our Little Miss is growing beautifully. All healthy and happy. I had high blood pressure when I met with Dr Sgroi so he ran some bloods and urine to make sure I don’t have Pre Eclampsia. I haven’t heard from his office so assuming that the results are all good. We will be meeting with him weekly between now and delivery for check ups. 

The countdown is well and truly on! We have apps on our phones that countdown the days and hours for us. Still can’t believe that is almost here! 

We have her hospital bag items ready to pack. Once I finish work this week I will be packing our case for the hospital. 

The last 4 weeks we have been hanging out with our little nephew Ricardo and spoiling him with kisses & cuddles. I cannot wait for him to meet his baby cousin and watch them grow together. 

I cannot believe that it is 6 weeks until Christmas! I am so excited to put up our tree in a few weeks and decorate the house! 

The next few weeks will be filled with resting,cleaning, cooking, washing, organising, date nights and catch ups. The weeks are absolutely flying and before we know it we will be driving to the hospital in preparation for her arrival.

I will continue to post in the coming weeks with any updates that we have.

33 Weeks