Little Man – Our Nephew Ricardo Manuel 

Last night I became an Aunty to the perfect Little Man.

Why did no one tell me that my heart would just burst with love the minute I met him?!? 

Ohh how I love him. 

He is just the perfect little man. A chubby little Bub – weighing in at 9 Pound 7oz 

Ricardo Manuel Angelucci 😍

By the time we got home from the hospital last night he was already on our fridge. I just cried the happiest of tears. I didn’t know how else to express the build up of love in my heart. 

It scares me to think how I will be when our Little Miss arrives…. if I have this much love for my nephew, how will my heart handle being a mum? 

I sat all morning just holding this little guy and staring at him. I have to admit I was trying to persuade him to just come home with me, he loves his mum and dad too much! 

I could just nibble on his chunky cheeks and chins all day! And that’s the plan for the next 3 days off. 

I was late to work today for the first time in 10 years! I completely lost track of time whilst visiting him, so worth it! 

My Maternity Leave cannot come soon enough now. Then I have full days off just to soak him in and watch him grow. 

Pretty special that in the 10 weeks leading up to our little bundle of joy arriving that we get to snuggle this little boy. 

I already know he will be the best big cousin. I just can’t wait to see them next to each other. 

Seeing my husband hold his nephew and whisper to him “Ricardo, I love you!” jerked at heart strings like you have no idea. To see him as an Uncle made me see what he would be like as a Dad. I just know his heart is bursting with love right now. Last night we got home from meeting him and just sat there looking at photos of him. 

To my Brother in Law Mathew & Sister in Law Suzanna – Thank You for bringing this amazing little man into our lives. For letting us spend quality time with him just soaking him in and loving him. I promise to always protect him and show him the same love I will my own children. Congratulations on his safe arrival. You guys are just naturals at this whole mum and dad thing. 

Welcome to the world Ricardo. You’re so loved! Your Aunty is obsessed with you already!

Little Man – Our Nephew Ricardo Manuel 

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