Hello Home Stretch 

150 Days…. that’s how many days I have vomited – straight! 

This morning we celebrated by it coming out my nose a little bit too – woot woot! 

I’m not complaining, it’s reassuring that our baby girl is growing and my hormones are remaining high. I’m fortunate that it’s only first thing when I get out of bed. I projectile vomit the water I consume – roughly 1L everyday then I’m good to go. 

With a little over 10 weeks to go I’ve accepted that I’m going to suffer morning sickness until the end. So with 150 days down and 70 or so to go… I’m over 2/3 of the way there – YEAH! 

This post is a bit of an update but also to share the changes I have experienced in the first two trimesters. 

So far….. 

• Morning Sickness 

• Stretch Marks – don’t even care! They’re a reminder that my body created a life. 

• Sore/Cracked Nipples – OUCH! I have since been using a nipple cream and it has helped significantly 

• Sore Groin – mainly late at night and eases after a good rest. 

• Constipation 😩 

• Hair & Nails growing like crazy!!! (mainly on my legs) haha 

• Dry Skin – mainly on my hands 

• Thirsty – All Day! I drink 2-3L of water everyday 

• Must Clean Everything! Nesting has definitely begun… I have days where I just want to clean everything and generally do but then bubs reminds me that I need to calm down and it’s generally followed by a 2-3 Hour nap haha 

• Snoring!!! OMG it’s so bad that I wake myself up. (I sleep on my side) – Poor Hubby 

Yesterday, (10/10/16) we had our 28 weeks scan. It was supposed to be a 3D scan but bubs didn’t want to co-operate at all! She is facing backwards and refused to turn. Which meant we got a nice look at her bum and long legs but that’s about it. We are booked for a 4D scan on Monday 17/10/16 and hoping she has turned around by then. 

28 Weeks Scan showed that bubs is measuring 2 days ahead and estimated cureent weight is 1.2kg.

In recent weeks I have felt so much movement. Little Miss has swapped sides. Kicks are now on the right. She also prefers me to sleep on my right now that she has moved so most nights are spent tossing and turning but generally I just give in so she will lay still and let me sleep. 

My nephew was due to come 3 days ago – he is a stubborn little man who is too comfy. I’ve tried telling him I really want to cuddle him – I’ve even yelled at him to “GET OUT!” – he won’t budge! Hoping he arrives in the next few days so I can give him a big kiss and cuddle! I love him already and know that he will be my babies bestie! It will be so nice to have a little man to cuddle until our little Miss arrives. I already have part of his Christmas present picked but need him to come out and be named so I can order it. 

Baby Shower Prep is well under way and my application for Maternity Leave has been submitted. Just over a month to go…. WOO HOO! 

I’ll hopefully post a 4D picture of our baby girl next week! 

Until Next Time 

Hello Home Stretch 

One thought on “Hello Home Stretch 

  1. 150 days? I’m so sorry!
    If you’re interested in a new theory of morning sickness, I recently published one about the enzyme sulfite oxidase needing nutritional support in order to break down extra sulfite. Sulfite is irritating to the stomach lining, but it is also a metabolic product of something our body makes in order to make new blood vessels (go, placenta!) and keep the uterus from contracting, which means that we have to break down more sulfite during pregnancy. Sulfite oxidase, which we use to break down sulfite, contains both heme and molybdenum (liver has both, but I’d go for the defatted liver pills to avoid getting a ton of Vitamin A) and needs available chloride ions (salt’s an easy source).
    My blog has a lot more information on the theory and how it connects to ginger, Zofran, etc.

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