Dr Stan Tsocanos -A Man I will never forget.

This is one of the hardest posts I have written… 
Two days ago, My Obstetrician passed away suddenly, an incredible doctor who truly was a gentleman. Dr Stan Tsocanos, My ObGyn since 2011. 

I have spent the last 2 days in utter shock, I have cried many tears thinking of his children and family, his colleagues and friends. I know how sad I was to learn of his sudden passing and therefore can only imagine the grief they’re experiencing. 

Being 30/31 Weeks Pregnant and learning the news, I went into panic mode…. this is the man that was to deliver my baby! The man that has diagnosed and treated every gynaecological issue I have had, a man who knows my history, understands it and had a plan in place for me…

All of a sudden we (along with all other patients) are without our Obstetrician. Something that I had never actually considered happening…. he was a fit and healthy 59 year old man, and he was gone, just like that! 

Any woman that has experienced difficulties conceiving  or had a difficult pregnancy can tell you that the second most important relationship in her life during pregnancy besides her partner, is the one she has with her Obstetrician. The bond that you develop with your doctor is one that is hard to describe.

I am putting my life and the life of my baby into their hands, they spend 9 months making sure that we are both ok, we catch up regularly and chat about our pregnancy, we ask 400 stupid questions but they answer them with a reassuring smile on their face. They call you back at 11pm when you have them paged because you’re worried about something. 

To lose the man that I always pictured in the delivery room has shaken me to say the least. 

It has taken me 2 days to truly come to terms with the fact that he is no longer here. We saw him 9 days ago, and we left it at “Enjoy your time off Stan, catch you in 2 weeks”.

I have been contacted by other patients of Stan’s, all of us in utter disbelief. 

Stan’s long term receptionist has been on leave since mid year and as a result a Temp Receptionist has been filling in, she has done such an incredible job and is handling the situation delicately and professionally. 

I started thinking yesterday who I would want in the room to deliver Little Miss if Stan is no longer with us. There was only one name that crossed my mind – Dr Joseph Sgroi – Epworth Freemasons. 

I met Dr Sgroi once about 15 months ago when I completed an embryo transfer. My mum came to that appointment on a Sunday as Adam had gone away and I remember I felt really relaxed with Dr Sgroi. He had a lovely bedside manner and a calming nature. That has stuck with me as he reminded me of Stan. 

After hearing from another one of Stan’s current Obstetrics patients I decided to call Dr Sgroi’s office to see if he was able/willing to take me on as a patient. To my relief his lovely receptionist Elise advised that he would accomodate me as a patient and would also be able to complete my C Section as currently booked. With no fees payable as we have already paid in full Stan’s fees of $5075. Dr Sgroi will make arrangements for payment to be transferred across without my involvement. A big weight lifted.

We will meet with Dr Joseph Sgroi on Monday 7th November for the first time for our 32 week check up. I already love how accommodating and professional he is and can tell that I will be comfortable in his care. I also believe that Adam will get along with him.

Adam loved Stan just as much as me. Having attended all of my surgeries, follow ups and now all ante natal appointments he had developed a bond with Stan. I think it’s important for a man to trust the person responsible for their wife and child during pregnancy and labour. They would have a laugh (often at my expense) and it was reassuring to know that it wasn’t just me who saw Stan as an amazing guy. 

Dr Stan Tsocanos

I will wrap up this post as I am starting to get emotional thinking about it and have been trying to stay as calm as possible for our Little Miss. 

Dr Stan Tsocanos will be missed by so many. A very highly regarded Doctor with so much experience. He has bought happiness to the lives of so many families. 

Seeing the photos shared of Stan holding the babies he has delivered made me cry as I realise that he will never hold our daughter 😔. I can honestly say that I owe my pregnancy and fertility to Stan and I will forever be grateful. It is truly an honour to say that he was my Doctor.

My thoughts go out to his family. 

May he rest in peace 

To Dr Joseph Sgroi- Thank You! Your understanding is much appreciated and I know that I am in safe hands. 

Dr Stan Tsocanos -A Man I will never forget.

Little Man – Our Nephew Ricardo Manuel 

Last night I became an Aunty to the perfect Little Man.

Why did no one tell me that my heart would just burst with love the minute I met him?!? 

Ohh how I love him. 

He is just the perfect little man. A chubby little Bub – weighing in at 9 Pound 7oz 

Ricardo Manuel Angelucci 😍

By the time we got home from the hospital last night he was already on our fridge. I just cried the happiest of tears. I didn’t know how else to express the build up of love in my heart. 

It scares me to think how I will be when our Little Miss arrives…. if I have this much love for my nephew, how will my heart handle being a mum? 

I sat all morning just holding this little guy and staring at him. I have to admit I was trying to persuade him to just come home with me, he loves his mum and dad too much! 

I could just nibble on his chunky cheeks and chins all day! And that’s the plan for the next 3 days off. 

I was late to work today for the first time in 10 years! I completely lost track of time whilst visiting him, so worth it! 

My Maternity Leave cannot come soon enough now. Then I have full days off just to soak him in and watch him grow. 

Pretty special that in the 10 weeks leading up to our little bundle of joy arriving that we get to snuggle this little boy. 

I already know he will be the best big cousin. I just can’t wait to see them next to each other. 

Seeing my husband hold his nephew and whisper to him “Ricardo, I love you!” jerked at heart strings like you have no idea. To see him as an Uncle made me see what he would be like as a Dad. I just know his heart is bursting with love right now. Last night we got home from meeting him and just sat there looking at photos of him. 

To my Brother in Law Mathew & Sister in Law Suzanna – Thank You for bringing this amazing little man into our lives. For letting us spend quality time with him just soaking him in and loving him. I promise to always protect him and show him the same love I will my own children. Congratulations on his safe arrival. You guys are just naturals at this whole mum and dad thing. 

Welcome to the world Ricardo. You’re so loved! Your Aunty is obsessed with you already!

Little Man – Our Nephew Ricardo Manuel 

Hello Home Stretch 

150 Days…. that’s how many days I have vomited – straight! 

This morning we celebrated by it coming out my nose a little bit too – woot woot! 

I’m not complaining, it’s reassuring that our baby girl is growing and my hormones are remaining high. I’m fortunate that it’s only first thing when I get out of bed. I projectile vomit the water I consume – roughly 1L everyday then I’m good to go. 

With a little over 10 weeks to go I’ve accepted that I’m going to suffer morning sickness until the end. So with 150 days down and 70 or so to go… I’m over 2/3 of the way there – YEAH! 

This post is a bit of an update but also to share the changes I have experienced in the first two trimesters. 

So far….. 

• Morning Sickness 

• Stretch Marks – don’t even care! They’re a reminder that my body created a life. 

• Sore/Cracked Nipples – OUCH! I have since been using a nipple cream and it has helped significantly 

• Sore Groin – mainly late at night and eases after a good rest. 

• Constipation 😩 

• Hair & Nails growing like crazy!!! (mainly on my legs) haha 

• Dry Skin – mainly on my hands 

• Thirsty – All Day! I drink 2-3L of water everyday 

• Must Clean Everything! Nesting has definitely begun… I have days where I just want to clean everything and generally do but then bubs reminds me that I need to calm down and it’s generally followed by a 2-3 Hour nap haha 

• Snoring!!! OMG it’s so bad that I wake myself up. (I sleep on my side) – Poor Hubby 

Yesterday, (10/10/16) we had our 28 weeks scan. It was supposed to be a 3D scan but bubs didn’t want to co-operate at all! She is facing backwards and refused to turn. Which meant we got a nice look at her bum and long legs but that’s about it. We are booked for a 4D scan on Monday 17/10/16 and hoping she has turned around by then. 

28 Weeks Scan showed that bubs is measuring 2 days ahead and estimated cureent weight is 1.2kg.

In recent weeks I have felt so much movement. Little Miss has swapped sides. Kicks are now on the right. She also prefers me to sleep on my right now that she has moved so most nights are spent tossing and turning but generally I just give in so she will lay still and let me sleep. 

My nephew was due to come 3 days ago – he is a stubborn little man who is too comfy. I’ve tried telling him I really want to cuddle him – I’ve even yelled at him to “GET OUT!” – he won’t budge! Hoping he arrives in the next few days so I can give him a big kiss and cuddle! I love him already and know that he will be my babies bestie! It will be so nice to have a little man to cuddle until our little Miss arrives. I already have part of his Christmas present picked but need him to come out and be named so I can order it. 

Baby Shower Prep is well under way and my application for Maternity Leave has been submitted. Just over a month to go…. WOO HOO! 

I’ll hopefully post a 4D picture of our baby girl next week! 

Until Next Time 

Hello Home Stretch