Blood Pressure issues & Our Nursery 

This last few weeks Little Miss Angelucci has been kicking and punching up a storm! It is so nice to feel her moving around and experience the miracle of pregnancy. It really is the best feeling in the world and I hope that everyone that wants it gets an opportunity to experience it. 

Some mornings I just lay in bed in the early hours with my hand on my belly receiving high fives from our baby girl, I love my sleep but gosh I love her so much more. It’s moments that I don’t want to miss and make the most of every opportunity. 

26weeks 3 days here

Over the last 10 or so weeks I have experienced headaches on and off, On Saturday 24th September my head was really sore, ordinarily I just sleep it off but it was like bubs was telling me to go to see a doctor, so at 8:30pm on a Saturday night I threw on a jacket and drove myself to a 24/7 medical centre in a neighbouring suburb. After a short wait I was seen by a GP who after I advised I had a headache and was 26 weeks pregnant proceeded to check my blood pressure and was concerned when it showed 148/90. He handed me a specimen cup and asked me to provide a urine sample for the nurse to test. A few minutes later I was sitting there being told I need to go to the hospital!  There was protein present in my urine, the combination of headache, high blood pressure and presence of protein was a great cause for concern…. they suspected Pre Eclampsia! 

I immediately called my Obstetrician who called ahead to the Epworth Freemasons and instructed the midwife to prepare an ante-natal room for me where I would require secondary urine test, bloods, blood pressure monitoring and fetal monitoring. 

I called Adam in a panic and asked him to come home immediately, a call I hated making as I knew he would be so worried! He didn’t hesitate and was in the car within minutes. I left the GP after calming myself down, I drove home and waited for Adam to get home to take me into the hospital. 

A few minutes later we were on our way to Epworth Freemasons, a drive that felt like forever. We parked the car and went straight up to the Maternity Ward, we were greeted by a lovely midwife who had been pre-informed about the concerns. Within 30 seconds of walking through the doors I was in a private room being monitored. Poor Adam was sitting on the edge of his seat with worry. 

My blood pressure had dropped to 130/80 which the midwife was happy with, bubs heart rate was nice and strong and steady and she was moving around like crazy so I was reassured that she was fine. Secondary urine sample showed there was no longer any protein. 🙌

They ran some bloods but they all came back fine. Such a relief 

It was a very stressful few hours. I was ordered to go home and rest which is exactly what I did.

Adam had a GP appointment on Tuesday night (27/9)to get his Whooping Cough injection as our Nephew is due in 10 days time 🙈! As I also know his GP we asked if he could check my blood pressure,( I had an appointment to see the same GP for my injection today – 29/9). The GP checked my blood pressure and it was back up! 145/80 😔 

Back to resting for me! I took yesterday off work and spent the afternoon having a 3 hour nap! It must have done the trick as this morning my blood pressure was back down to 130/80 👏🏼

I am seeing my Obstetrician on Tuesday 4/10 and will discuss where to from here. My blood pressure is something that clearly needs to be monitored more frequently now and I am doing everything possible to keep it at bay. 

The GP suggested that I may have to finish work earlier than anticipated but I will see what my Ob says and simply follow his orders, if he says stop work and rest in a few weeks then that is what I will be doing, I am not taking any chances when it comes to this Little Miss. 

On another note, plans for my baby shower are well under way! 99 beautiful women are invited to attend and so far I have had more than 30 respond that they will be attending! Cannot wait to celebrate my baby girl with all the women in my life. 

The theme is very pink!

Our nursery is now complete! The only item yet to arrive is the change table that we purchased that has been ordered and will arrive within the next fortnight. Bubs has a cot, bassinet, pram, chest of drawers,(overflowing with amazing little outfits!) rug, toys, books,bouncer, nappies, wipes and lotions. 

Little Miss Angelucci’s Nursery

My mother in law even found her lace christening gown from 1960! We are going to have it professionally cleaned and will use it when we baptise our little miss 😍 how special is that! 

56 year old christening gown from Nonna Cathy

I will continue to blog updates over the coming weeks with details of how my blood pressure is tracking. 

We have our 28 week scan on Monday 10th October. We hope our little baby nephew (AKA – Little Man) is here by then! I am desperate to snuggle him. 

Blood Pressure issues & Our Nursery 

4 thoughts on “Blood Pressure issues & Our Nursery 

  1. sewingbutterfly says:

    I am not sure if they have them where you are. But I am in Australia and bought my own blood pressure machine from a pharmacy for $30 and monitor mine at home. Best way to keep an eye on it and give your OB more information 🙂 I am in blood pressure meds as I have genetic hypertension, so during pregnancy I am monitoring it very closely!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. sewingbutterfly says:

        I got mine from Priceline, super cheap and has been going for over 3 years now, no problems! Also, pharmacies will take your BP measurement for free if you ask them 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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