Baby Brain & 24 week update 

Today I am 24 Weeks Pregnant, our baby is kicking her little heart out and growing beautifully. She is also making me lose the plot! 

I used to think Baby Brain was just a myth….. Ohh how wrong I was! I am lucky to remember what day it is at the moment and will forget something within minutes of hearing it. I am repeating myself constantly as I forget that I have already mentioned it which I can imagine is driving my darling husband just as crazy. 

I now need to write EVERYTHING down! And I am constantly checking the calendar. 

Lately I have had horrible headaches which have knocked me for six and I’m so lethargic I could literally sleep all day! Just the other night I fell asleep at 7:30pm and didn’t wake up until 10am! I then proceeded to have a nap before work for another hour 🙈. 

Morning Sickness is still as horrible as ever…. It even tricks me. Just the other day I thought I may not vomit, haha yeah right! I then projectile vomited from both my mouth and my nose 😩

My Ob is very happy with the way my pregnancy is going and has just given me the referral for Glucose Tolerance Test to complete just before our next catch up in 4 weeks time. (28w check up)

So far, no swelling at all. If anything my hands/feet are smaller than they were pre-pregnancy. My rings still fit and are actually a little loose  🙌

My boobs are huge and my nipples are ohh so sore! I think it’s time to buy a nipple cream and start using it! 


I have booked in my maternity leave 🙊 I have just 10 weeks of work to go. I have applied to have 12 months off with the option to take a further 12 months if I wish. I am going to take my maternity leave at 1/2 pay and get twice as long paid 👏🏼 all in all I will have 10 months off with pay. 

Baby Shower is booked in and invitations are with printers. They’re so gorgeous! I can’t wait to send them.

Today we went to One Fine Baby , I was a little disappointed as I expected there to be more there but we spent $300 in 45 mins so it can’t have been too bad haha 

Our One Fine Baby purchases

I just purchased this beautiful Numero 74 Canopy for our nursery. It works perfection with our Incy Interiors Cot. I cannot wait to receive it! Currently on pre-order for October.

numero 74 dusty pink canopy

Once our nursery has a few more bits and pieces that we are after we will share photos of our set up. If I remember haha 

Until next time X 

Baby Brain & 24 week update 

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