Happy Father’s Day! 

The first Sunday in September is here! A day that last year made me sad. This year, I am filled with excitement! 

Whilst our baby is still brewing, (23weeks,1Day) Adam is very much a father already.

He has been a father in my eyes since we first started IVF. Since our first embryos were created and transferred.

But especially since that first positive pregnancy test that shocked the shit out of us. The first scan when he cried with me knowing the miracle we had created, and the 10 weeks scan when we heard her heart beating for the first time. And the look on his face just last week when he felt his baby kicking. 

In a few short months he gets to hold our baby girl in his arms, and whilst he waits in anticipation I decided to buy him a little gift to celebrate what I am declaring his first Father’s Day just to show him how much of a great dad I know he is going to be. 

You know you’re a dad when you get socks and jocks!

Now that bubba is kicking, it is our morning ritual to lay in bed and feel her moving and talk to her. Adam will often kiss my belly and tell her Good Morning and how much he loves her already. It absolutely melts my heart and I just know how much he will dote on her when she arrives. I recently joked with a girlfriend that we will probably punch on over who gets to cuddle her 😝. 

Trying to conceive can become a process where it feels like your heart is ripped right out of your chest, but it’s moments like these when we celebrate the upcoming arrival of our Little Miss that make every heartache we endured worth it. 

Plans for my baby shower have commenced, we have a cot in her nursery and a baby seat (and an overflowing wardrobe and chest of drawers – oops!)  🙈. It is sooo exciting preparing for the arrival of a little one, especially since we have waited so long for her! 

My nephew is due in a few weeks and I can’t wait to smooch him and give him the biggest cuddles. He will no doubt make the time between his arrival and hers fly. As I could stare at babies all day! 

23 week bump update

We have an appointment with our Obstetrician on Tuesday for a general check up (24weeks appt). Our next scan is on 10th October (28 weeks). We are so excited to see our little miss again. 

Morning sickness is still here and doesn’t appear to be pissing off anytime soon. We have my morning routine down pat. The minute I lift my head off the pillow I make a mad dash for the bathroom and projectile vomit. I think I’m one of the lucky ones who is going to cop it until the last day. All worth it though! All for love.  

I will try and check in fortnightly as my belly continues to grow and baby movements become stronger and stronger. 

Happy Father’s Day! 

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