17 Week Brief Update 

Hi All,

Just checking in with a quick update! 

I am 17 Weeks today (Saturday 23/7/16) 


This week my morning sickness has come back unexpectedly 😷 resulting in me never wanting to see Raisin Toast again in my life!

I had a headache for 4.5 days in the last week which was horrible but thankfully it has disappeared.

I have slept at every opportunity as I have been utterly exhausted this week – naps before work, falling asleep on the couch just after work or even just after waking up in the morning. Growing a baby is hard work! I love sleep though so am enjoying naps. 

I am loving my little baby bump and am so excited that we have her delivery date booked! 

We have received pre-admission forms from Epworth Freemasons Maternity! It’s all starting to feel much more real now.

Flutters are getting stronger every day. Can’t wait until I feel a kick! And for her daddy to be able to feel her moving. 😍

Until next time 

17 Week Brief Update 

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