18 Weeks 👶🏼

Today (30/7/16) we are 18 Weeks Pregnant! 

We have a booking with Epworth Freemasons Maternity for my C Section 🙈 and it is all becoming very real! 

I am not allowed to attempt a natural delivery due to my risk of developing a blood clot. To keep me and Bubs safe my Ob and Hematologist advised a C Section is the only way. 

Our baby is 14.2cm from crown to rump, she is growing so fast! 

Our 20 week scan is booked for Monday 8th August (Day before my Big 3 0) , we cannot wait to see Bubs again. 

Flutters are getting stronger which is amazing and I can’t wait to feel her kick. Her daddy gives her big kisses when he leaves for work and we talk to her all the time. 

We have started to collect books to read to her both in the womb and out. All of the classics that we remember from our childhoods. 

Morning Sickness came back at 16W5D and is worse than before. I have headaches almost daily and am sooooo tired!! All I do is sleep, eat and work.  I am not great company at the moment. Hopefully I get some energy soon. 

The Bump is growing nicely and I am loving that I have started to look pregnant. I am documenting the growth in photos and we put Polaroids and print outs in our pregnancy journal. 

I bought this journal from Write to Me Stationery & Press – they’re a Melbourne Based/Made company and the quality is amazing! I also have Baby books to capture Bubs milestones for the first 5 years. 

Write to Me Pregnancy Journal

18 Weeks Bump Shot

So far I am still in my normal clothes and haven’t needed to buy maternity wear. Working from home is such a blessing during pregnancy as I live in either Trackies or my PJs. On days when I feel horrible, I am able to nap on my lunch break 🙌

We have some time off in the next few weeks as we are in a wedding for our besties and then we are off to Mount Hotham for a skiing getaway! – I am not skiing, Adam is! I will be baking, sleeping and watching movies for 4 days lol 

Not much else to report, just checking in with an update. 

So many babies are on their way! I can’t wait for their announcements so I don’t have to keep secrets! 

Next post will be after our Scan. 

18 Weeks 👶🏼

17 Week Brief Update 

Hi All,

Just checking in with a quick update! 

I am 17 Weeks today (Saturday 23/7/16) 


This week my morning sickness has come back unexpectedly 😷 resulting in me never wanting to see Raisin Toast again in my life!

I had a headache for 4.5 days in the last week which was horrible but thankfully it has disappeared.

I have slept at every opportunity as I have been utterly exhausted this week – naps before work, falling asleep on the couch just after work or even just after waking up in the morning. Growing a baby is hard work! I love sleep though so am enjoying naps. 

I am loving my little baby bump and am so excited that we have her delivery date booked! 

We have received pre-admission forms from Epworth Freemasons Maternity! It’s all starting to feel much more real now.

Flutters are getting stronger every day. Can’t wait until I feel a kick! And for her daddy to be able to feel her moving. 😍

Until next time 

17 Week Brief Update 

My Pregnancy To Date 

I cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since we announced our news to everyone! Time is Flying!! 

We have now known for 9 weeks!

We are Currently 15 weeks 4Days Pregnant! I will never get sick of saying that… PREGNANT! 

14 Weeks

As my previous post mentioned, I was medicated from the moment we found out (6w5d), i have now stopped the pessaries and weaned off the Dexamethasone (Steroids) 🙌, I am still taking an aspirin daily as well as Megafol & Calcium/Vitamin D combo. 

I had been taking Clexane which is a blood thinning injection however I had a severe allergic reaction to it at the end of week 12 (despite taking it since 6w6d). I ended up with Urticaria which is Hives. And I was covered from my neck to my knees in a painful/itchy rash! 

I initially thought I had copped a bad batch of meds so I got the Pharmaceutical Company to exchange the box of meds. After a trip to my GP, Emergency Department and countless late night drives to the pharmacy I am happy to say that it has gone! 

I tried everything to ease the itch and rash. The only thing that worked in the end was MooGoo 👏🏼, I had been taking Pinetarsol baths 2-3 times a day, initially I tried Calamine Lotion, I then switched to Dermeze, my Obstetrician recommended I use a pregnancy safe antihistamine (Polaramine) every 6 hours then a Zyrtec at night as well as a 5mg Valium every second night to help calm me and ease the itch. All of which did nothing! I used the Valium twice as I felt I slept better on the nights that I didn’t take them. My GP & Ob assured me that Valium is pregnancy safe but I figured if it’s not helping then the less medicine I put in my body the better. 

A family friend recommended MooGoo, and I wish I had heard of it sooner! It was instant relief and the first good night sleep in over a week when i discovered it. Silvana – I owe you one! 

Adam was very concerned that Bubs would somehow be impacted by the hives given it got so much worse before it started to get better, I have to admit I was just as concerned. So we presented at Emergency and had them scan Bubs (my Ob was on holidays for a week and my GP was unavailable that day). The ER Dr confirmed that she was unphased by what was happening to my body, we were both very relieved! 

My Morning Sickness stopped exactly 2 weeks ago. I experienced it from 7 weeks to 13w3d. I have to admit I miss my morning reassurance haha 

I have started to feel little flutters and can’t wait to feel her moving around in there, especially for her daddy to feel her kicks. 

We have put her car seat on Layby as it was on sale , and Adam’s parents have ordered her cot (on pre-order and due to arrive early September) 👏🏼, my parents are buying our pram which we are so grateful for! 

We have bought so many clothes and little shoes for our little miss! She is going to be so spoilt! 

I have started a book collection for her as I want to start reading to her soon. I have bought the classics that I read as a kid, Dear Zoo, Possum Magic, Hungry Catterpillar, There’s a Hippopotamus on the roof eating cake. I still have my original copy of Dear Zoo from 1989. 

We will be waiting until around 25-28 weeks to start setting up her room as anything earlier just seems ridiculous. She isn’t going to be here for months. 

We are so anxious to meet our baby girl and look forward to parenthood.

It’s amazing how much I can love someone that I have never met. I can only imagine the love I will have for her when I get to meet her in a few months time. 

I am pleased to say I have only gained between 500g-1kg in my first 16 weeks of pregnancy and my bump is definitely out and proud now! 

I am feeling well and trying to enjoy every moment of being pregnant as I know how blessed I am to be carrying this gift of life. Too many people take their pregnancies for granted, I know of so many people that are struggling. My heart breaks for them as I know their struggle. 

To those still trying, don’t ever give up! To those expecting, appreciate the miracle you have created. 

I will post again at 20weeks after our next scan! 

Until Then 😘

My Pregnancy To Date