Finally some answers

Yesterday, (Thursday 14th April 2016) I underwent a day procedure whereby they removed Endometriosis, performed a curette to biopsy for Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells). 

Just prior to theatre my Gynaecologist advised that some of my blood results had started to come through. 


Just some of the bloods taken for testing
My bloods show that I have AutoImmune Thyroiditis – also known as Hashimoto’s Disease.

My doctor has assured me that my thyroid is currently normal however I will need to continue to monitor it through annual blood tests. 

It is because of this diagnosis that my gynaecologist expects my biopsy will show that I do in fact have NK Cells,  but I am waiting for the official answer before thinking too much into it. 


Post Op Recovery with Nurse Adam
I have mixed emotions with my diagnosis, I am relieved that I have a potential answer (Hashimoto’s Disease is known to cause infertility) but at the same time I am disappointed that there is “something wrong with me”. 

My gynaecologist has assured me that my new Fertility Specialist will try to treat my condition and hopefully we will be able to overcome this hurdle. 

We have 5 weeks until our initial appointment with Monash IVF.

We are excited to move forward with our journey and have the surgery behind us. 

Thank You to everyone who continues to provide us with love and support. 


Finally some answers