The year that wasΒ 

As we sit at the Airport and patiently await our flight home to Melbourne i have decided to reflect on the last 12 months 

I am happy, as we are refreshed! 

We have rested, we have enjoyed the last 7 nights in Bali, soaking up the sunshine, relaxing, sleeping, eating delicious Indonesian food.

 I feel cleansed (sweaty! But cleansed 😝) 

2015 has certainly been a rollercoaster! A very big year for us. One that we will never forget. The bond that we have formed this year is unbreakable. Our love is stronger than ever and we have connected on levels I never thought possible. 

Our Year in Review:

Jan-March – post op (Laparoscopic Surgery 18/12/14) , patiently awaiting an appointment with Dr Lyndon Hale @ Melbourne IVF 

March – initial consult with Dr Hale @  Melbourne IVF 

April – Started our first ICSI cycle (Down Reg Cycle) 

May – Egg Collection / First Embryo Transfer, Unsuccessful 

June – Second Embryo Transfer, Unsuccessful 

July – Our 1st Wedding Anniversary 😍

August – Our 3rd embyro didn’t survive the thaw πŸ˜”

September  -Second ICSI Stim Cycle,Egg Collection & 4th Embryo transfer resulted in an Early Miscarriage / Biochemical Pregnancy 

October – 5th embryo transfer – Unsuccessful 

October/November – 3rd Stim Cycle for the year! 16 Eggs Collected πŸ™πŸΌ. Resulting in 6 healthy blastocyst embryos! 6th & 7th embryos transferred – Double Negative 

November – Taking a break with 5 Frozen Embryos in Storage 

December – Still on a break from IVF – BALI βœˆοΈπŸπŸ»πŸ˜΄β˜€οΈπŸ‘™πŸ’‘ 

Part of me didn’t want to take a break as it meant I wasn’t trying to fulfil our dream. But I realise now that it is exactly what my heart and soul needed! We both needed this. 

The last 5 weeks have been great, we haven’t had a doctors appointment to attend, or an ovulation kit to complete. We have simply enjoyed each other. Knowing that when we are ready our embryos are waiting for us.

It has been 2 years and 1 month since we first discussed babies! Time is flying by…..

As much as we want to become parents, part of me is happy that we have been able to spent the first 18 months of our married life as newlyweds! We enjoy each other’s company and have so much fun together. I treasure the days we lounge around the house before work and cook lunch together. The late nights sitting up on the couch binge watching TV series on Foxtel. Being able to book an overseas holiday and not have to worry. 

We are so fortunate that we met so young, we are 29 years old and have spent 12 years together already! How lucky are we! 

I know that one day I will be a mum , and my amazing hubby is gonna be the best dad ever! Our kids are going to have so much love in their lives! 

I believe that when the time is right, everything will fall into place. 2015 was a tough year, but we survived it! We came out stronger than before. It bought us closer together. It showed us what we can endure. It opened my eyes to the people around us and helped me remove the toxic people from our lives (well almost all of them) !

We are excited for what 2016 has in stall for us. 

Before we go back into IVF we are going to speak to our specialist and/or gynaecologist about the possibility of needing another laparoscopy. I have experienced post coital bleeding the last 2 months. Plus a D&C can’t hurt either! 

Thank You to everyone that has provided us with love and support this year. It really does mean the world to us to have such a wonderful support network. 

My hubby has such a great group of mates who truly care about us, they ask how we are because they genuinely care, not because they feel obliged to ask. 

I have some amazing women in my life including  my mum, my girlfriends. The ones who I can cry to and know that they are truly listening, the ones that wipe my tears. You know who you are! I love you girls so much and cherish our friendship. 

See You Soon Melbourne 


The year that wasΒ