Our Biochemical Pregnancy (Early Miscarriage)

When my period arrived 2 days late on Thursday 19th September I simply assumed that the reason it had been late was because our latest IVF cycle was a stimulated cycle and the injections had messed around with my hormones. 

It took me as a complete shock on Friday when my fertility nurse called to advise that the blood test I had completed earlier that day was not entirely negative…. 

For a viable pregnancy , my HCG level would be expected to be above or around 200. With a HCG reading of 5.7 I didn’t hold high hopes but was shocked to learn that our embryo had in fact implanted and for a moment – I had been pregnant! Unfortunately I had suffered an early miscarriage – referred to in this case as a Biochemical Pregnancy. 
A follow up blood test this morning has confirmed that my HCG level is now Nil – No Longer Pregnant . 

Whilst we are devastated to learn that we came so close to our dreams coming true, we are grateful that we are one step closer, maybe my body is slowly working out what to do, maybe the next one will take – maybe it won’t. Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball so we could skip all the heartache.

There is nothing I/We could have done to make the embryo stick and if we were to consider all of the what ifs we would send ourselves crazy. 

I had thought I would take the news a lot harder, I have surprised myself with my positive attitude towards it. 

All I do know is that we are one step closer to achieving our baby dream.


Our Biochemical Pregnancy (Early Miscarriage)

Another Month, Another Failed Attempt…Β 

On August 19th we registered our Second Full Stimulated IVF ICSI cycle

This time we would be doing an “antagonist” cycle which meant none of that shitty nasal spray! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Cycle Day 3 – I started Injections to grow lots of follicles. On Cycle Day 8 our fertility specialist added in another injection… A big blunt needle 😩 to be administered daily (in conjunction with the first needle) – lucky me!! 

I was in agony! I was swollen and sore ( and looked pregnant!)  but had lots of big follicles so it was all worth it. I took a few days off work to rest and try and ease the pain. 


I got worse before I got better…. 

2nd September – Egg Collection Day! I was admitted to East Melbourne Specialist Hospital for a day procedure. Sedated to retrieve my eggs. Due to complications my specialist had to puncture through my uterus to retrieve from my left ovary  – The Pain!! The alternative was to do key hole surgery which would have resulted in piercing my bowel and huge risk of infection so I was thankful he chose to go with the uterus option. 

9 eggs collected , 7 of which were deemed mature enough to for ICSI. 

Of the 7, 4 fertilised… 4 precious little embryos – stay strong!!! 

1 embryo was transferred on Monday 7th September (Day After Fathers Day) 

2 looked like they wouldn’t make it πŸ˜” I wanted to cry. All that pain, all that time and money for 2 embryos from 9 eggs…. 

Thankfully 1 of the 2 that were looking like they wouldn’t make it pulled through so this cycle we ended up with 3 embryos. 2 of which are now in the freezer. 

My period was due on Tuesday 15th September….. It was late 😳!! Was this the month our dreams would come true?? 

Unfortunately not. As I write this, my body has decided to remind me that it has again failed me. My uterus is trying to kill me 😩

Another $10,000 down…. No baby…. 

We are much more prepared for the let down this month. The last two failed cycles I have been a mess. I can’t say that I am not disappointed but this process has certainly hardened me. There will no doubt be tears (ok so this may have prompted my water works 😒) 

Life goes on, we still have each other and thankfully we still have hope. And lots of time up our sleeves. 

So long as I have eggs, We have a chance! 

I know of women who have been through so much more in their quest to conceive. I will draw strength from their stories and continue to have faith that we will be parents in the near future. 

Dear Uterus – Fuck You!! Sincerely, Adam & Shakiera xxx 


Another Month, Another Failed Attempt…Β