Back to Square One 😢

After having a month break from IVF we decided to transfer our last little embryo this month. Hoping that it would be 3rd time lucky. 

I had started Acupuncture and was all booked and ready to go for a transfer this afternoon. My phone rang whilst I was drying my hair and when I heard my Fertility Specialist’s voice on the end of the line I knew that the news was not good news. 

Our precious little embryo had died , it didn’t survive the thaw. 

The news hit me like a slap in the face. There were tears , lots of tears. 

Whilst we are absolutely devastated, I am thankful that I didn’t have to go through the “did it take? , Am I Pregnant? ” The Two Week Wait is the worst! I am able to accept a failed cycle more knowing that there was absolutely nothing I could have done to change the outcome. The silver lining – it didn’t cost us another $3100 only to find out it didn’t work. 

I have found acupuncture to be beneficial to my mental health as well as my physical health over the last few weeks. I find it incredibly relaxing and afterwards I am calmed. I’m not sure if it was because I was so relaxed that I had such a good feeling about this cycle but clearly I was wrong. 

We hadn’t told anyone that we were going to do a transfer this month, normally our parents and siblings know. We wanted to keep this one quiet and then be able to announce a pregnancy to them. With Father’s Day just around the corner – I had the perfect plan! 


We have decided to look at Naturopathy & Chinese Medicine before jumping straight into another IVF cycle. 

Maybe it’s just meant to be the two of us for a while longer and I am ok with that. Until we are able to hold our children in our arms, they will live in our hearts. 

What is meant to be, will always find a way. 

Back to Square One 😢