Time to Vent ! 

It was recently expressed to me that our IVF Journey made particular people feel “Uncomfortable” and as such they have chosen to stop reading this blog. I respect that not everyone wants to read about our story and we never intended to force it onto anyone. However the subsequent Unfriending and blocking on Facebook is  beyond me!

I am not going to name names or point fingers but if you’re reading this or relaying this information to particular individuals then do me a favour and block me out of your life and not just social media! I really do not have time for the bullshit or the drama. We are just trying just to live our life and cope as best as we can with what lies ahead for us without your petty bullshit and the whole “he said , she said”.

I can only assume that the same people who say they do not wish to follow our journey are the same people who clicked on my blog link over 30 times in the days that followed our discussion…(Yeah modern technology tells me!)

So, Please stop contradicting yourself! if you don’t want to read about it, DON’T!

This blog is more a matter of “This is us, this is how we are feeling”. A means of expressing emotions without the awkward tears when people asked how I was feeling. If you want to have a read and try and understand how I/We might be going then please feel free and talk to us about it if you wish.

I know it has helped a lot of my husbands friends have discussions with him. He is even now referred to as a “wanker” and he is able to laugh about it. That is the way that he chooses to deal with the emotional side of it all – Laugh it off.

I on the other hand, mainly cry. I can laugh with him and see the lighter side of things but ultimately it is an extremely difficult and emotional time in our lives. One that I am sure we will look back on with a smile but right now – Its Sucks!

I find it extremely offensive that people have actually implied that our life is hard on them…. how? I’m not asking you to hold my hand when I give myself a daily injection or let me cry on your shoulder if it all gets too much . 

It’s the same people that will say “call me if you need anything at all” when they’re in your face. The ones that pretend they care so they look like good people in front of others. The same people who preach respect yet are some of the most disrespectful people I have ever met. The ones who were caught on video giving us dirty looks on our wedding day. The same people who have never once visited our house yet complain when God forbid we work late and don’t get a chance to go to theirs. The same people who never call us yet are the first to say “what, you don’t call anymore?” At the first opportunity

Can you say Hypocrite? 

We never intended to force anyone to read about what we are going through. We respect that people don’t wish to read about our struggle, but we do ask that people respect that we do not have the option to unfollow / ignore it. This is our life! We are the ones living it.

I don’t want to do sound like “Poor Me! Poor Us! Why Me! Why Us!”. We are aware that we are not the only ones going through IVF, 1000s of people everyday go through it.


Our Journey is exactly that, Ours!

We have chosen to openly share that with the world because we are not ashamed of what it is that we are going through / need to go through to become parents. The amount of love and support offered to us by friends / family/ strangers has been absolutely overwhelming.

I am not going to let a handful of people silence us, we are stronger than that.   

It is extremely hard to understand others opinions of our journey, especially when they have not had to go through what we are to be blessed with children. 

There are a lot of things that show up in our social media pages that make us so uncomfortable and angry – stories of drug addicted parents, unworthy parents popping kids out for the Centrelink benefits or as a band aid to every relationship they have but we choose to refrain from commenting or reading about it in detail. 

I wasn’t going to post this but I’m not scared, I’m not “gutless” and I sure as shit don’t give a fuck if I never hear or speak to certain individuals again. People that preach respect really should take their own advice!

I have been a bit quiet on my blog, not for any particular reason other than we are still to confirm a start date and still need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s before the process can begin. Unfortunately there is a lot of red tape and it makes it a mentally exhausting process. Due to pre existing conditions I may also be hospitalised during my IVF treatment and as such I am being monitored and tested to ensure my health is not jeopardised in the process.

It’s hard enough as it is preparing for what lies ahead without the added drama of other people so we will certainly be distancing ourselves from individuals that we feel are not supportive of us in a way that we need right now. I’m not implying that they don’t care.

We will continue to live our crazy busy lives and enjoy each moment as it happens. 

We have created our own little love bubble and safe haven and definitely want to remove any bad vibes from our lives. 

Rant Over! 

Time to Vent !