The Results are In – now for the red tape…..

As I mentioned in my last post, my hubby had to go back and have his “boys” retested. My specialist called me at lunchtime Friday and gave us the results. No better & No worse.

My Gynaecologist reiterated that there is nothing that my hubby can do to change this result so try not to dwell on it. He advised that his secretary would be in touch early next week to book our first IVF appointment and we can finally get the process started.

I have been reading through the Melbourne IVF website in the lead up to our appointment and whilst I respect the laws, I still find the fact that we are required to undergo police checks and child protection order checks baffling! We are not criminals or pedophiles, We are trying to produce our own child! Using our own goods, we simply need medical intervention to make that happen – we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t necessary. If we were using donor sperm of eggs or pursuing surrogacy then I would understand why this would be required, if I had donated my goods then I would want to know they are going into good hands, but it just doesn’t seem right that our Governments Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act of 2008 requires these checks in order to attempt to produce a child with my own husband! Yet this isn’t required if we were able to conceive naturally? How many children are born each year to drug addicts, criminals and sex offenders – yet because they are fertile little fuckers –  it’s ok??

Even Melbourne IVF agrees that it is Bullshit!

“At Melbourne IVF, we continue to express to the Victorian government our opposition to the ART legislation Criminal (Police) Record Check and Child Protection Order Check requirements. We also encourage patients and their families to contact their local member for parliament to express their concerns and personal experiences. You may also consider contacting ACCESS, the national infertility network that campaigns for the rights of patients undergoing treatment in Victoria.”

I decided to do a little research on Centrelink’s website and what I found only made me angry! You’re not required to fill complete a police check or drug test for that matter to claim a Newborn Upfront Payment or Parenting payments. under 19? no worries – they will just throw you a little more money and even help you get back to school – but don’t worry if you have a criminal record… they don’t care! They will even help you pay your rent and phone bill.

What this means for us is a possible delay in our start date as it can take up to 10 business days for Vic Police to process our requests, Even though we are required to pay a fee! A fee that likely goes to support criminal drug addicted parents. whose children often end up in foster homes and if you want to care for that child – you’re gonna need a police check!

So, Thank You to the Australian Government for adding further delay to an already lengthy process in our quest to parenthood. We really appreciate the unnecessary inconvenience!

Until next time xx






The Results are In – now for the red tape…..

11 thoughts on “The Results are In – now for the red tape…..

  1. sadiebbhill says:

    Wow! So sorry you have to deal with that! Maybe if you were a teen mom and/or on drugs things would come easier. I know it’s horrible to think that way but it seems to be true. If your paying the $20K+ for IVF, I think it proves your case of geniuinely wanting a child!

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  2. Karen says:

    I totally agree! It was so easy to have a baby in terms of what I had to provide.. Go to the GP, blood test, get allocated to a hospital, ultrasound, see a midwife every few weeks to make sure everything was good, more blood tests, have the baby, register newborn and go home.. No background checks, nothing! My visiting midwife even told me that people lie about where they live so they can get allocated to the hospital they want (because public is zoned).. Who knows what else people lie about and get away with.

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